Kelsey Rae Barthel's latest update for Beyond The Code

Nov 16, 2020

Hello there my wonderful followers,

I’m back and I’m doing something crazy...well not that crazy. Those of you who frequent this site know that Inkshares is holding another contest. The 2020 All Genre Manuscript Contest and I have decided to throw the Beyond the Code sequel into the mix. It’s called Beyond the Masquerade and I just built a page for it here on Inkshares. I’m still working with the tiny details but it has a synopsis and the two first chapters for all of you to see. Follow the link below or just follow the links on my Inkshares author profile.

This contest is a little different than the previous contests on Inkshares. Victory isn’t just a pro-order factor, they will also be judging the story itself, as well as reader engagement. So give it a follow, share it around and give your feedback on the sample chapters (this is for me as well. I love hearing what you all think of my work)

Thank you all for your continuing support. I couldn’t of gotten this far without all of you. Wish me luck!