Leo Valiquette's latest update for Bane of All Things

Apr 5, 2019

Happy Friday, everyone. As promised, today I announce the winners of our various draws.

But first, allow me to re-emphasize that this campaign is not yet over. We do need to keep driving that pre-order total up! It’s been quiet since Monday ... too quiet.

Inkshares editors want to see that pre-order total continue to rise as they review the manuscript. Should Bane of All Things be chosen for publication, that pre-order revenue is used to offset the production/marketing/distribution costs, which allows Inkshares to pay me, the author, higher royalties than the industry norm once the book is out there. 

This campaign could not be where it is without each and every one of you. Many of you have exceeded my expectations by ordering five, six even 10 copies of BoAT. That might leave the rest of you wondering what on earth can one person do with more than copy of a book. The answer is easy – gift them.

Books make excellent gifts, especially signed by the author. Inkshares e-books make convenient gifts, too. When a title on Inkshares publishes, anyone whose pre-order includes ebooks will receive an email giving them the option to download the digital file in whatever format they prefer. This makes it easy to pass ebook copies on to friends and family.

Remember, if BoAT is chosen for publication, everyone who ordered two or more copies will get a signed souvenir poster. And I am thinking there will be something extra for everyone who has ordered five or more copies, too.

Now for the prize draws

DRAW #1 – $50 gift card: On Feb. 18, we were still looking to cross the 300 pre-order mark. I announced at the time that anyone who referred a new supporter between then and when we hit 301 (which happened on March 4) would be entered in the draw. And the winner is … Iris Cox!

Draw #2 – $50 gift card: I then announced another draw for existing supporters who pre-ordered additional copies between March 4 and March 17. And the winner is … Yves Beauchamp!   

Draw #3 – $50 gift card: Then came last weekend, with the clock ticking on what I expected to have been the final deadline for this campaign. I called on you all to help me drive past 400. Anyone who brought in a new supporter or ordered additional copies on or between May 30 and April 1 qualified for this draw. The response blew my expectations. And the winner is … Megan Alink!   

Draw #4 – Crossing 300 Pre-Orders: Back in February, I promised a draw for The Sword & The Skull artwork on canvas, signed by me and the artist, Dominic Bercier, should we cross 300 pre-orders. Anyone who had pre-ordered as of March 4 was entered into this draw. And the winner is … Sandra Markus!   

Draw #5 – Crossing 400 Pre-Orders: And I promised another draw should we pass 400, though I didn’t specify what the prize would be. Let’s go for another piece of artwork because you can’t keep a dead demigod or a sentient sword down. And the winner is … Debra Ford!   

Congratulations, all! I will be reaching out to our five winners to sort the details. 

Onward and upward!