Leo Valiquette's latest update for Bane of All Things

Dec 14, 2019


Back in September, I delivered my last update on the production status of that epic fantasy novel, Bane of All Things (BoAT), which you helped me to crowdfund with Inkshares.

With that last update, I had just received my Editorial Letter – a comprehensive assessment of BoAT’s strengths and weaknesses to give me a handle on what edits and revisions I must make to ensure this story is the best version of itself that it can be prior to publication.

I had a three-month window in which to complete said revisions and return the manuscript to my Inkshares editor.

I am glad to say that the work has been completed ahead of schedule and I sent the revised manuscript back yesterday – on Friday the 13th, because, why not?

It’s become a meatier novel than I had originally planned, having grown from 129,000 to 150,000 words in total with this revision. That puts it in the 500-page ballpark. Pretty hefty, when compared to the average novel lengths for genres like romance, or suspense thriller or science fiction, but still modest in size when compared to the weighty works of Tier 1 fantasy authors like Brandon Sanderson, George R.R. Martin or Patrick Rothfuss.

So, what’s next?

I wait (for perhaps a couple of months – they are busy folks over there and it is the holidays) for the revised manuscript to be reviewed and assessed. This will likely yield a second Editorial Letter for additional fine tuning.

Like I said before, getting a quality product out into the world is a slow process.

What I do hope will come within the next couple of months, based on the assessment of this latest version of BoAT, is clarity around an actual publication date – hopefully for the fall. Rest assured, as soon as I know, you will know.

In the meantime, thank you again for agreeing to support me on this journey. I wouldn’t be here without you. 

All the best to you and your family for the holiday season.