Asteroid Made of Dragons came out a year ago today.

Thank you.


Afternoon, everyone.  

I’ve been quiet here - for a lot of reasons - mainly being embroiled in a lot of other projects! But I wanted to update you on something I’m doing with all of my 2017 royalties for Asteroid Made of Dragons - which, won’t really affect you guys since you already bought the book? I’m donating them all:


Just wanted all of you in the loop on this - you know where to find me if you have questions or comments. @gderekadams on Twitter or comment here or you can email me directly.

  Register for here:

I know. I know! You heard me the first time. And the second.


Register for here:

I have no way of knowing how many people will vote for this thing - the 2016 Hugo for Best Fantasy Novel had 2903 voters - but that required membership (money) and, shall we say, there were some other factors in play there. This contest could have WAY more. Or WAY less. No one knows! But if all 614 of you voted - that seems like it could move the needle.

Vote for me. And THE LIFE ENGINEERED and AN UNATTRACTIVE VAMPIRE if you want to share the love with the rest of the Sword & Laser shelf.

And ...exhale. 

There, this’ll be my last salvo on this! The window to register closes this weekend - so it’ll all be over soon and I can focus on what really matters at DragonCon: consuming alcohol responsibly and talking about Ravenloft.

Hey gang! Inkshares is letting all of the Dragon-nominated books do a flash sale between now and the end of the month. Me and the rest of the published Sword & Laser Shelf is .99 in ebook until DragonCon.

You - probably- already have my book, but this is a perfect time to complete your set with my shelf-brethren.

The Life Engineered – by J.F. Dubeau

An Unattractive Vampire – by Jim McDoniel

The ebooks are DRM free of course - and sent to you in both .epub and .mobi.

This is, of course, part of promoting ourselves towards The Dragon Awards - have you, uh, have you -- voted for...for anyone..in particular...yet?

Img 20141001 173533 Fiona Gawlina · Reader · edited over 6 years ago · 1 like
I’m almost finished, maybe 80-90% of the book. And the first dragon just showed up only now!
No, seriously I love this book, it is so much fun! And I wouldn’t have even minded if we never got to see one of the dragons. 




This video, in its ENTIRETY, is how I feel. I’m on an award list next to N.K. Jemison  and Jim Butcherrrrrrrr.

You did this. All of you that took the time to answer my plea and nominate me – and I cannot thank you enough. It makes me feel fantastic. This is great for exposure for AMOD and I was already going to be at DragonCon – so now MY SWAGGER WILL UNHOOK PLANETS IN THEIR VERY ORBITS. It is your fault that I will act like an even bigger asshole at the con! Feel the surge of pride!

Now – if you haven’t already registered to vote –  you should!


You should vote for me – and my Sword & Laser/Inkshares shelf-brethren: The Life Engineered by J.F. Dubeau and An Unnattractive Vampire by Jim McDoniel.



Take another look at the bracket I’m in. Here’s who I’m up against.

  • the writing Guest of Honor of DragonCon / perennial NYT  bestselling author
  • A book that has already won both the Nebula AND the Hugo (guys. it is sO goood)
  • Darth Vader of the Sad Puppies (who I’m sure is Googling my book as we speak. I’m sure he will be displeased, my book features ladies who both speak AND have opinions.)
  • Some other guys who seem very nice!

SO. What does my book have going for it? Well – you guys AND:




Okay – okay. Honestly, I’ve already won. This is all I ever wanted out of The Dragon Award – to get nominated, get a little more attention on the book, etc. Thanks again to everyone who nominated me. You made this happen. (I always say that like an accusation…) I get to pretend to be a big shot for a little bit longer – the awards actually get announced AT the con, which adds the perfect amount of sizzle to the weekend.  It’s fun to be at the big table for a hot second – even though I’m still wearing my bib. So vote! Vote for MEEEE. But with the knowledge that I already feel awesome and I’m going to have a blast with this entire situation all the way through someone else winning the Dragon Award that should have been miiiineeeeeee.

With heart-eyes emoji for you all –

Dragon-Nominated Author [hey this is a thing now!]

G. Derek Adams

Ebook is now 2.99.

Those of you still lingering in the shadows of our grand enterprise -- now is the time to step into the liiiiiiiighttttt......short of you waiting for the day when I just read you the book directly from my Google Drive folder, this is the easiest/cheapest way to read AMOD that has appeared on this branch of the time stream.


Want a little more AMOD?

Click here....Shhhh.


th--e are 41 re--ws curren-y on Ama--- for As-roi- Ma-- of ----o--, wo-ldn’t it be nice if ---sassafras---

*a n o b o e p l a y s*







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Time to report in to my Pokemon Trainers, Veronica and Tom - have I lived up or sorely disappointed?!

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