JF Dubeau's latest update for Arch-Android

Jun 24, 2017

Hello friends and other assorted sentient beings,

If you’re getting this, then it’s entirely likely that you’ve also received an email or two (or three) announcing that the sequel to The Life Engineered, Arch-Android, is now live for pre-order! Exciting!

Except that it’s not.


No, don’t be sad! Or be sad. Practice your human emotions. That’s okay too, but rest assured that this was not a mistake. I fully intended on having Arch-Android be taking pre-orders today. Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the system and being the weekend, it’s a little difficult to ask Inkshares to fix it post-haste.

They’ll get to it though and we’ll repair the machine and we’ll be up and running soon enough. I’ll send you an update just like this one once we’ve tamed the code that is preventing us from moving forward.

Thank you for your support and I’ll be talking to you real soon.

J-F. Dubeau