Deborah Munro's latest update for APEX

Sep 30, 2017

Are you my ideal reader? I’m looking for about 10 volunteers who would be willing to have me interview them about their reading habits and preferences. This may sound like an odd request, but I assure you it’s ah, normal, for engineers and scientists like myself. :) At least this is what I like to tell myself. My purpose in requesting volunteers is that I want to create a full social media presence and pitch my efforts towards people that are interested in books like mine or enjoy reading the same types of books that I enjoy reading (I’ve made a list of movies and books below that are similar to APEX, or that I simply love, as a reference).

I want to know what makes my ideal reader decide to buy a book and what would compel them to join my mailing list, follow me, write a review, or share/post something I wrote. I’d also like to know what incentivizes them, such as what kind of a giveaway or gift would entice them to join my mailing list, read my email newsletter or blog, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or my website. None of these are developed yet, by the way, so stay tuned!  :)

I believe it’s important to pay it forward so if you are one of my volunteers, know that I will post your interview as part of a blog or article along with a shout-out about your writing efforts, if any. You don’t need to be a writer to volunteer, of course, as strictly readers are fabulous for my needs, too!  In addition when I launch my media presence, I will provide all of the information that I’ve learned to anyone that wants it so they can replicate my efforts for their own personal gain. 

If you’re interested in helping me out in this way, please direct message me or send me an email at debmunro18 at

Thank you all for your continued steadfast support, and please wish me luck as I launch myself into the social media world and beyond!

Cheers, Debbie

Book and Movie List similar to APEX below:
Jurassic Park 
Rise of the Planet of the Apes 
The Fly
Wonder Woman
King Kong
Independence Day

Books and Movies I Loved not similar to APEX:
All the Pretty Horses
Snow Falling on Cedars
One True Thing
The Grapes of Wrath 
The Glass Castle
The Horse Whisperer 
Clan of the Cave Bear
Secondhand Lions
Shawshank Redemption