The Beast is a Man


The Beast is a Man

~ bu bu bu bu...pu pu puh puh puh puh ~

“Shit... what the hell is that?”

“Babe.... Do you hear that?”


Jim's girlfriend of nearly 8 years and a light sleeper was unresponsive.


Jim got out of bed, his head tilted like Nipper the dog on the gramophone logo while he mentally tried to “tune in” to the sound and it's possible source. He recalled that he and his girlfriend had both seen a shape shifting light in the sky  only a few nights before.

~How exciting~

“what the hell is that?”

Walking out to the living room he moved cautiously through the narrow hallway as his eyes searched for the origin of the strange sound began to feel as if there was a presence.

Someone was there..or someone was coming...

~knock, knock, knock~

Someone was knocking at the door at an unlikely visitor at an unlikely hour and yet...

He opened the door.

Forgetting the about the sound he was following he looks down to the bottom of the short staircase off of his meager front porch, seeing his weed dealer “John” and a small crew of people he wasn't familiar with.

“Sup man?” “Hey...Wassup?”

“what brings you buy?” “Just in the area..saying hi, can I come in?”

"Of course man but try to keep the levels down cuz' everyone is sleeping”

“no problem”.

Stepping back to let John inside, Jim flips at the light switch for the kitchen.

“huh..must be blown again”

“what's that?”

“Ehh... the light.. out again... or something”

While talking, the two moved in to the moonlit living room.

“Something..” John responded.

Jim began feeling a bit cloudy in the drunk or... heavy~

Suddenly Jim realized he couldn't move and his head wouldn't turn.

John had vanished but could still be heard talking about... going somewhere... It seems like there are more people in the house now but he can't see anyone else. Jim get's the sensation of being surrounded by people who aren't there. Invisible people moving about.

~how odd~

“... am I dreaming?”

“We're going on an adventure Jim, You and I.”

“....” “Don't worry about your wife and kids they will be fine.”

Jim couldn't move, couldn't turn his head, couldn't say no or yes and his reward centers of his brain were firing off like he had just won a million dollars.

~ total control~

“Get your pants. we're leaving a friend behind to tend to your wife while your away, it's only for the are going to have the experience of your life..knowledge and power..what you want.. no matter how much 'time' goes by, we will have you back by morning."


“All in exchange for the use of your wife... don't worry, he wont hurt her.... we all have our roles to play.”


Then darkness...