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I’m sorry you didn’t reach your goal. I didn’t either with the first book I put up on Inkshares. There are other avenues with which to get your story into reader’s hands.  No matter what you decide with regards to your story, make sure you keep us updated!

Hello travellers,

As you have no doubt noticed, we failed to reach the goal. Well, I guess I failed mostly. But as they say, a failure shared is a lesson in self denial!  

Never fear, we will one day succeed! Of that I am sure.  

Meanwhile thank you one and all for showing your support.  Here’s to us!

For now adieu and then, for a while, silence...

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Not specifically, but they do play an integral part in the story. I look forward to seeing your new cover art. Best of luck on your campaign!
Picture James Maltby · Author · added over 7 years ago
Hey Michael. Yes! Spooky! Although I am now working on a new cover... but great minds think alike! Is your sci-fi about owls too? :)
Profile8 Michael Sebby · Author · added over 7 years ago
Hey, I just discovered your novel through another author, and I'm digging your cover art (mine is extremely similar)! Did you create it on Canva also? I like your style.
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Just saw your update. Keep at it, James! Your project will switch back to draft mode on Inkshares once your campaign deadline passes, but the project page and all your followers will remain. Keep writing, build your following on Inkshares and social media, and when the time is right you can start a new funding campaign with plenty of fans at the ready. Best of luck!

Hello you lovely people. Yes you.  A happy new year to you all.

So, what have you been doing James? Well, I've been procrastinating to be honest as the holiday season came upon us and, well, gosh darn it, I turned everything electronic off for a few weeks. You know, to recharge the family batteries.  And yes, Santa did visit our 8 year old (as he was mostly nice last year. Mostly).

I'm so very aware of the numbers game though... the good ones... 42 followers and 30 copies sold... and the bad ones... 45 days before the deadline... 220 pre-sales needed even before e-publishing is an option. Numbers, numbers.

Well, let's get this out now... it looks like I don't have enough time to do my day job (I own two businesses), my family job (dad and husband), my passion (writing) and my dream (write a novel) all at the same time given the deadlines involved. Which do I 'give up'? My job? Then how do I pay the bills? My family time? Then who am I writing for? The marketing for the novel? Then how will it be published? The novel itself? Then what's my new dream going to be? After all, this has been a dream for close to 40 years now. So, what to do?

Well, fear not.. I WILL write the novel. BUT... I may run out of time here (let's face it, I will run out time).  So, I will either re-submit (once I have more written), or I will move to a different forum (Amazon Self Publishing for example) which I don't want to do, but may have to if I'm unable to resubmit on Inkshares.  

If at first you don't succeed... 

I will update you all again soon and remember, none of this means any of you are any less lovely.


Hello fellow worlds travellers,

(See what I did there?)

Just a handful of quick stops for you all. And, yes, you are all still my loveliest lovelies.

First, as you may or may not know the funding models have changed again and now there are three options... 1. eBook only for $10... 2. eBook and paperback for $20... 3. Three paperbacks for $60 (with other goodies).  So, yay for that.  It means also that any and all of you who were cautious or unwilling to throw $30 of your hard earned cash at an unknown writer and unfinished book can now throw caution to the wind and throw a mere $10 at an electronic version of it... hmmm... still a gamble I know, but it's only the price of a coffee and a cookie... and less sugary too.

Second, I am still working on the structure and world/s around the story but I am clearer and clearer each day. The back stories and even the sub-plots are solidifying.  I will start writing the content really soon, but so far on the scene outline alone I'm over 5,000 words.

Third, an update on 'titles'... Path Walkers (original book buyers) are now 'Observers' and Branch Choosers (multiple book buyers) are now 'Seers'.  The new eBook tier are called Path Walkers now.

Finally for the secret secret for your eyes only... 

We all travel across realities with each and every choice we make, but some of us see the potential futures of each choice before they are made and with that knowledge they can choose the direction they travel. Is this what we call luck? Perhaps.  From the outside it definitely seems a bit spooky that they seem to step from one success to the next, while we seemingly bump and stall with no control over our direction.  The Seers however cannot travel across paths at will, but they are gifted are on a whole new level, as they can look out across the worlds we create and rise above individual choice and see over the multiverse, where the faint lines of  life paths distantly twinkle and criss cross like highways, forking here and there, branching and splitting, crossing each other and occasionally grouping together in a hot spot; an event.  Seers can see these events and they can guide others to observe.  These Observers move towards the events, where they can watch and take notes and even act if required.  Sometimes great Seers can even predict future events as they trace the contours and directions of paths and discern them converging.  Other times the brightness of an event shines out like a beacon, but there are no other close paths and this could indicate an awakening of a single conciousness as they suddenly notice not all is right with the one dimensional view of their perceived reality.  Never before though has a single event occurred that has blinded a Seer with its luminescence or heat. Until now.

So, that's all for now my lovely lovelies, I leave you with the promise of actual content soon. Meanwhile, consider how many objects around us reflect and could offer us windows, doorways onto other paths. There are more than we think.


Hello fellow path walkers,

I have an update for you with some good and some sad news.

Sad news first. I know you pre-ordered the 'hardback' copy, but I'm sorry to say you won't be receiving it, as I've 'downgraded' the publishing run to a paperback.  My reason for doing this is that I feel it will give us a better chance of actually meeting the publishing goals required.  You see, after the recent update to the funding model, the pre-order price shot up to $30.  Since then I've had no orders. Co-incidence?  I'm not sure, but on my request, the kind folk at Inkshares have downgraded the publishing model to paperback (and thus lowered the price to $20) which hopefully will start up more pre-orders and in turn we'll reach the targets, I hope.

But cry not, as I promise to make it up to all of you who have  already pre-ordered. For those of you who are Branch Choosers I am going to write you all into the novel as minor walk on characters.  I will be using your real names, unless you contact me and ask me not to, then I will use an alternative name that we both agree on.  And for the rest of you fine readers, not only will you receive a signed copy of the paperback, but I will also ensure you get something extra too, as well as my eternal thanks and extra special man hugs.

Also, I hereby promise that if there is ever a hardback print run I will personally ensure you all get a free copy. Woop! Double joy joy!

Now for the good news... I am writing. Yes I know, that's to be expected by now, but I am in the middle of the outline and the story is evolving each day, with the back stores and connections becoming more complex and richer.  I don't know about you guys, but I used to write from the beginning and then stall, run out of steam, come up against a brick wall and simply give up after a chapter or two... or after 50,000 words... however, I realised that I can get the wind up, refill the kettle and pole vault over the hurdles if I have a structure to work from, a scaffold within which to build.  So, my plan is to aim for thirty chapters (with a prologue and epilogue) and in order to do that I will need to sketch out at least 120 scenes, from which I will edit down into a core sixty or so.  This will form the story outline form which the chapters will be born.

Now for the secret secret that you readers get to see first... there is a reality within the mythology of the book called the Origin.  Within it the whole global society is aware that there are other realities and that they are the original timeline.  Where everyone strives to make all the right choices first time and everyone is healthy and happy. It's where the best ideas from every other reality end up.  A proverbial heaven on earth.  In fact, it's the timeline where the multiverse was first discovered and which lead to the pioneers controlling their conciousness's and moving them across into other worlds, returning with their observations.  It is utopia.  

What would you think if you lived in a world like that? What would you do to get to live that life?  More importantly, what would you do to ensure the lives of everyone were kept perfect? What should you do to protect it? How far would you go?

Exiting stuff!

Cheerio for now path walkers... and stop staring in the mirror, at least not into your own eyes...


Hello travellers!

Welcome to first ever update (from this reality) to all of you fantastic supporters. I love each and every one of you very much. You are, each and every one of you, my favorite person in the world...

I have four things to say and share with you all.

Firstly, apparently, if you've not purchased a pre-order copy of the book then today may be the last day it's on offer for $9.99 as the funding model on Inkshares.com is changing tomorrow. I'm not saying buy one now, I'm just saying things may be different tomorrow.

Secondly, I've been working on a website for ANALOG OWL where you can see pretty much what is on Inkshares.com, but from a different view. If you'd like to see it please feel free to take a look at www.owlchronicles.com, if you have a moment or two as I will be launching it soon (it's there, but not completed yet).

Thirdly, as you may be aware (if you read my boilerplate yet) that's even though I have attempted novels before I have yet to complete one. I believe this may be the exception that smashes the rule and kicks it out of the field of play.  Especially now I have all you lovely lovely readers and backers boosting me on.

Lastly, for now, I will let you into a little secret or two (as you are my favorites) I have three books planned for the OWL CHRONICLES. The next book is called DIGITAL OWL. 

The third book will be called... ah, you'll have to keep tuned for that kind of secret.

So, farewell for now my fellow travellers. Remember that when you come to branch in your roads, chose wisely, for we are destined to remain on the paths we step onto... for now anyway.



PS: I have scoped out 20 chapters so far and now I've finished procrastinating with the website build I am back to writing the book.