James Maltby's latest update for Analog OWL

Nov 6, 2015

Hello fellow path walkers,

I have an update for you with some good and some sad news.

Sad news first. I know you pre-ordered the 'hardback' copy, but I'm sorry to say you won't be receiving it, as I've 'downgraded' the publishing run to a paperback.  My reason for doing this is that I feel it will give us a better chance of actually meeting the publishing goals required.  You see, after the recent update to the funding model, the pre-order price shot up to $30.  Since then I've had no orders. Co-incidence?  I'm not sure, but on my request, the kind folk at Inkshares have downgraded the publishing model to paperback (and thus lowered the price to $20) which hopefully will start up more pre-orders and in turn we'll reach the targets, I hope.

But cry not, as I promise to make it up to all of you who have  already pre-ordered. For those of you who are Branch Choosers I am going to write you all into the novel as minor walk on characters.  I will be using your real names, unless you contact me and ask me not to, then I will use an alternative name that we both agree on.  And for the rest of you fine readers, not only will you receive a signed copy of the paperback, but I will also ensure you get something extra too, as well as my eternal thanks and extra special man hugs.

Also, I hereby promise that if there is ever a hardback print run I will personally ensure you all get a free copy. Woop! Double joy joy!

Now for the good news... I am writing. Yes I know, that's to be expected by now, but I am in the middle of the outline and the story is evolving each day, with the back stores and connections becoming more complex and richer.  I don't know about you guys, but I used to write from the beginning and then stall, run out of steam, come up against a brick wall and simply give up after a chapter or two... or after 50,000 words... however, I realised that I can get the wind up, refill the kettle and pole vault over the hurdles if I have a structure to work from, a scaffold within which to build.  So, my plan is to aim for thirty chapters (with a prologue and epilogue) and in order to do that I will need to sketch out at least 120 scenes, from which I will edit down into a core sixty or so.  This will form the story outline form which the chapters will be born.

Now for the secret secret that you readers get to see first... there is a reality within the mythology of the book called the Origin.  Within it the whole global society is aware that there are other realities and that they are the original timeline.  Where everyone strives to make all the right choices first time and everyone is healthy and happy. It's where the best ideas from every other reality end up.  A proverbial heaven on earth.  In fact, it's the timeline where the multiverse was first discovered and which lead to the pioneers controlling their conciousness's and moving them across into other worlds, returning with their observations.  It is utopia.  

What would you think if you lived in a world like that? What would you do to get to live that life?  More importantly, what would you do to ensure the lives of everyone were kept perfect? What should you do to protect it? How far would you go?

Exiting stuff!

Cheerio for now path walkers... and stop staring in the mirror, at least not into your own eyes...