James Maltby's latest update for Analog OWL

Nov 19, 2015

Hello fellow worlds travellers,

(See what I did there?)

Just a handful of quick stops for you all. And, yes, you are all still my loveliest lovelies.

First, as you may or may not know the funding models have changed again and now there are three options... 1. eBook only for $10... 2. eBook and paperback for $20... 3. Three paperbacks for $60 (with other goodies).  So, yay for that.  It means also that any and all of you who were cautious or unwilling to throw $30 of your hard earned cash at an unknown writer and unfinished book can now throw caution to the wind and throw a mere $10 at an electronic version of it... hmmm... still a gamble I know, but it's only the price of a coffee and a cookie... and less sugary too.

Second, I am still working on the structure and world/s around the story but I am clearer and clearer each day. The back stories and even the sub-plots are solidifying.  I will start writing the content really soon, but so far on the scene outline alone I'm over 5,000 words.

Third, an update on 'titles'... Path Walkers (original book buyers) are now 'Observers' and Branch Choosers (multiple book buyers) are now 'Seers'.  The new eBook tier are called Path Walkers now.

Finally for the secret secret for your eyes only... 

We all travel across realities with each and every choice we make, but some of us see the potential futures of each choice before they are made and with that knowledge they can choose the direction they travel. Is this what we call luck? Perhaps.  From the outside it definitely seems a bit spooky that they seem to step from one success to the next, while we seemingly bump and stall with no control over our direction.  The Seers however cannot travel across paths at will, but they are gifted are on a whole new level, as they can look out across the worlds we create and rise above individual choice and see over the multiverse, where the faint lines of  life paths distantly twinkle and criss cross like highways, forking here and there, branching and splitting, crossing each other and occasionally grouping together in a hot spot; an event.  Seers can see these events and they can guide others to observe.  These Observers move towards the events, where they can watch and take notes and even act if required.  Sometimes great Seers can even predict future events as they trace the contours and directions of paths and discern them converging.  Other times the brightness of an event shines out like a beacon, but there are no other close paths and this could indicate an awakening of a single conciousness as they suddenly notice not all is right with the one dimensional view of their perceived reality.  Never before though has a single event occurred that has blinded a Seer with its luminescence or heat. Until now.

So, that's all for now my lovely lovelies, I leave you with the promise of actual content soon. Meanwhile, consider how many objects around us reflect and could offer us windows, doorways onto other paths. There are more than we think.