James Maltby's latest update for Analog OWL

Jan 8, 2016

Hello you lovely people. Yes you.  A happy new year to you all.

So, what have you been doing James? Well, I've been procrastinating to be honest as the holiday season came upon us and, well, gosh darn it, I turned everything electronic off for a few weeks. You know, to recharge the family batteries.  And yes, Santa did visit our 8 year old (as he was mostly nice last year. Mostly).

I'm so very aware of the numbers game though... the good ones... 42 followers and 30 copies sold... and the bad ones... 45 days before the deadline... 220 pre-sales needed even before e-publishing is an option. Numbers, numbers.

Well, let's get this out now... it looks like I don't have enough time to do my day job (I own two businesses), my family job (dad and husband), my passion (writing) and my dream (write a novel) all at the same time given the deadlines involved. Which do I 'give up'? My job? Then how do I pay the bills? My family time? Then who am I writing for? The marketing for the novel? Then how will it be published? The novel itself? Then what's my new dream going to be? After all, this has been a dream for close to 40 years now. So, what to do?

Well, fear not.. I WILL write the novel. BUT... I may run out of time here (let's face it, I will run out time).  So, I will either re-submit (once I have more written), or I will move to a different forum (Amazon Self Publishing for example) which I don't want to do, but may have to if I'm unable to resubmit on Inkshares.  

If at first you don't succeed... 

I will update you all again soon and remember, none of this means any of you are any less lovely.