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  This was amazing! I would love to read more and find out what’s going on with Alessandra.

OH NO! Sorry for the double email - can’t be helped, I made a small mistake on the last one!

I left off the link for the mailing list, if you’d like to sign up, please feel free to go to http://eepurl.com/cvAJxP and sign up.

Thanks again all!

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Hey, gang! It’s been a while. But I’ve kept myself busy! Let’s catch up some, shall we?

1st - Too Many Controllers was pulled from production for reasons beyond our control, but you can already find some of the stories from those amazing authors elsewhere on the webz. (Before you ask, if you invested, yes, refunds will be coming soon, so I’m told)

"So, what’s that mean for your short story, "1989?"

Glad you asked. I am currently working on plans to expand it into a longer tale. Right now I’m not sure if that means a novella (a short novel or long short story) or a full-length novel, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.

2nd - I’ve been working on Timeless (working title), the indirect sequel to Ageless. I have planned the entire story and it seems to be turning into a full-length novel. I was hoping for something along the lines of a novella. But, alas, it seems that the life of Eugene will not be abridged. Things have been going well with the writing. I am about halfway through the first act with hopes of finishing the first draft by April. Follow the Inkshares draft page HERE.

And here’s the placeholder cover too!

3rd - I have a goal for 2017 to write one short story a month unrelated to any other thing I’m doing. I wrote one in January with the hope of giving it to you guys for free. But it needs a LOT of love, so maybe I’ll hold off on giving them out until they have seen a good bit of revision. I already have my idea for this month’s story. I’m eager to get it out of my head. Incidentally, the January one has a working title of "Cause & Effect."

4th - Happy Valentines Day! Much love to all who have supported this crazy dream of mine. Thanks!

Hey gang! Been a while...right to it then! But first, thanks for being the best! Seriously, I couldn’t do these awesome things without you.

See that picture? That’s me doing some planning for TIMELESS: The Life and Times of Eugene Trickens, the indirect sequel to AGELESS. I have decided that I’ll take a more traditional approach to this particular tale, and that means doing things I’m unfamiliar with...so there’s that.

I don’t do these things often, but I have been asked about characters and how I come up with names in the past. So, I’ve decided that I will name two of the characters in TIMELESS after people who have REVIEWED AGELESS on Amazon or Goodreads. You have until JAN. 31 to post your reviews (it can be anything, but preferably positive :p ), so hurry!

And finally, below you can see where I’ve been so fortunate to visit America’s (and possibly the world’s) oldest continuously operated book shop. It was cool. 

Ladies and gentleman,

Tomorrow marks a very special day! That’s right, tomorrow is wonderful. Why, you ask? Because tomorrow is my amazing daughter’s BIRTHDAY! 14 years ago she blessed this world with her presence! She made me an honest man! I am proud of everything she does and I know she will change this world!

Also, tomorrow marks the beginning of NaNoWriMo (for those in the dark, National Novel Writing Month). I’ve never participated in NaNoWriMo, and thought I might test the waters a bit. I have two clear goals: 1) Write EVERYDAY during the month November, and 2) try to finish as much as I can on TIMELESS: The Life and Times of Eugene Trickens

Now, most writers usually stick to the 1,700 words per day tract to end up with a 50,000+ novel by Dec 1. I am NOT going to be doing that, unless it comes naturally. The ultimate goal for me is to learn how to be consistent with my writing. Consistency is integral to be a success at anything! I need to get that rolling, then we can worry about word counts. 

I’m excited, aren’t you? 

Great things are happening at Inkshares. Big, amazing, wonderful things. 

Congrats to all the winners of the Crypt TV contest and I look forward to reading your books!

Hey gang. Long time no see...chat...whatever.

If you didn’t know, I enjoy doing this writing thing...like a lot... 

(Did you know Ageless was the first in a trilogy? If you read it, you probably picked up on the fact that there could be more. SPOILER - there is more! Follow Timeless here!)

But, I need your HELP to continue doing this writing thing. (Hint - REVIEW AGELESS on AMAZON and GOODREADS)

I put together the following (very) tentative & (very) ambitious production schedule covering the next few years. See anything you like? I hope so! Let me know what you think. 

@PaulInmanSC on Twitter & Instagram

Hi friends! This contest is coming to its finale very soon! This is my CALL TO ARMS – it’s time to act! Pre-order Too Many Contollers right now, no more dawdling!

It’s much more than an e-book or a copy for your shelves; this is an opportunity to support the little guys, the people who work hard to reach for their dreams. The people who have real talent and need a break. This could be it and YOU should be part of it.

For the price of a few gourmet coffees you can help this campaign succeed, while being a part of something unprecedented (The first anthology from this publisher).

I need you. We need you!

I love you guys, thanks for the continued support. You truly are the best people I know!

Happy early 4th of July to all of my fellow Americans and non-Americans, I hope you have a great day too!

Quick update - You may be interested in following a new idea that I have placed here on Inkshares. Here’s the extremely short pitch:

Follow the life of Eugene Trickens, a survivor of WWII genetic experimentation with a secret, in this indirect sequel to AGELESS.

That’s right, I am in the planning stages for TIMELESS, a sequel to AGELESS! The plan (currently very, very rough) is you will see a lot of characters again in some capacity and dive deeper into some of the mysteries of the first book! I want to stress, this is not a direct sequel and we won’t pick up where the last book left us but don’t worry...possibly someday...whoops, I’ve said too much!

Also, we are less than two weeks from the end of the Nerdist Video Game Contest, and it’s time to jump in feet first and support TOO MANY CONTROLLERS! For those that have, I say thank you! If you haven’t, (and I’m looking at YOU James M. and a few others too) NOW is the time. We still need you! I still need you.

Lastly, if you have some time to listen, I had to pleasure of sitting down with Elan Samuel of The Warbler Books for a great interview (there are heavy AGELESS spoilers)!

And we can’t forget THE ROAD TO 100 REVIEWS on Amazon! Please leave a review if you can! 

Have a safe, happy holiday and thanks for everything!

As you see, I need your help. I’m told when you hit 100 reviews on Amazon, your life changes drastically. I’m assuming ending world hunger will be involved...but what do I know?

I need your help getting to the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. We are already more than a quarter of the way there. So, if you haven’t reviewed let me help: 

  1. CLICK HERE for Ageless on Amazon. 
  2. Choose a number of stars from 1-5 (... ... let’s shoot for closer to 5 than 1)
  3. Copy and paste either "I loved it!" or "I didn’t love it. Here’s why____________" 
  4. Click submit and rejoice in knowing you changed my life for FREE! 
  5. If you’d like, do it all again on GOODREADS.

Here are a few great new reviews to read to help you if you get stuck. FYI - They contain SPOILERS. Click at your own risk! 

Ageless reviews from TheWarblerBooks.com and CulturedVultures.com

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I have the best crew of dedicated followers out there. You guys are just so fantastic! 

TOO MANY CONTROLLERS, the short story project I’m part of, has hit the Quill funding goal and that means THE BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED even if we don’t win this contest. 

But let’s be real, you guys are going to make that happen, amiright?

Here’s why YOU need a copy - There are 15 amazing Inkshares authors coming together for this book for the first time in Inkshares history. I can tell you that each of us brings something great to the table. Trust me, I know, I have seen the synopsis of all the stories and even some of the early drafts. This book is going to be KILLER

Since it’s now public, here is the synopsis for MY short story.

1989 - Paul Inman

  • A rare, old arcade game is dropped off at a modern repair/restoration house where it is discovered that gameplay holds the keys to changing the events of the future.

Make sure you PREORDER YOUR COPY if you haven’t already. (I’m borrowing this great graphic from J.F. Dubeau)

Also very important, AGELESS is still looking for your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads!

Speaking of Ageless, I’m going to be at my local Barnes and Noble this SATURDAY for a Q&A and signing! If you are in the Myrtle Beach area don’t miss out! If you don’t haveAgeless we will have some on hand! Come let me thank you in person for helping me achieve this amazing goal! 

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