Paul Inman's latest update for Ageless

Jun 30, 2016

As you see, I need your help. I’m told when you hit 100 reviews on Amazon, your life changes drastically. I’m assuming ending world hunger will be involved...but what do I know?

I need your help getting to the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. We are already more than a quarter of the way there. So, if you haven’t reviewed let me help: 

  1. CLICK HERE for Ageless on Amazon. 
  2. Choose a number of stars from 1-5 (... ... let’s shoot for closer to 5 than 1)
  3. Copy and paste either "I loved it!" or "I didn’t love it. Here’s why____________" 
  4. Click submit and rejoice in knowing you changed my life for FREE! 
  5. If you’d like, do it all again on GOODREADS.

Here are a few great new reviews to read to help you if you get stuck. FYI - They contain SPOILERS. Click at your own risk! 

Ageless reviews from and