Joseph Keeler's latest update for Aellor Prophecies

Oct 24, 2016

Hello again my lovely readers!
Wow time certainly flies!
Its been a whole month since last I contacted you all, and honestly, not much has happened with the book since then. This update is more to explain my situation and what my next step will be.
So as of now, I officially have my professional Cover art by the lovely Kaytalin Platt. She certainly did an amazing job with it. I also have more character art in the works right now, along with a new intro video!
So nothing too major. Just more cosmetic things to keep people engaged.
Honestly Since the beginning of September, my campaign has stagnated.and not many people have pre-ordered my book since. Do not really know why, but I assume its the fact i have been SO BUSY.
Ive had an uphill battle with this book campaign and I really dont know where Im gonna end up with it. But for now all I can do is continue to write it and continue campaigning. To all you readers, I’d like to ask you to spread the word of my book along with me, by myself has been... stressful to say the least. Thank you for all your support thus far.

Hope all is well,