Joseph Keeler's latest update for Aellor Prophecies

Aug 25, 2016

Hello again readers!
Alright, probably would help If I actually updated you guys on whats going on. As of this morning we hit 38 orders, and 24 readers. Astounding numbers considering I’m a first time author! I’m so proud of my book and how far it has come. It’s no where near being done, but I’m just getting started!
I will be reaching out to more and more active authors on Inkshares to spread the word of my baby. Hopefully through persistence and determination we can make Aellor Prophecies go all the way!

This week is the fourth week of the contest and will be marking the end of the first month. I’m well on track to have over 40 preorders!
Keep pushing friends! This was the first step, this was the proof I needed that I can make this work, and work it shall!
From now on I’ll be releasing new chapters every sunday, I already have four saved up, so by the end of the competition, I hope to have a total of ten chapters! All for your viewing pleasure. Any and all advice and critique is appreciated. Please feel free to share the chapters to others as well! Its easy to get people to look at a site, but its hard to get anyone to buy with out having something to back.

Thanks again -Joseph