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Zachary Tyler Linville

Reader, Writer, Lover of Iced Coffee
Zachary is the author of
In this Lost meets The Walking Dead tale, a ragtag team of characters are thrust together in an abandoned theme park as a widespread outbreak decimates humanity, turning the infected into something less than human.
Books Zachary Recommends
Excavating dinosaurs?! The small child inside me is geeking out!
In the Badlands of Montana, young Molly Wilder discovers the fossil remains of a 65-million-year-old winged, flesh-eating monster. This discovery thrusts her into a hidden war between unknown enemies and the truth behind humankind’s  own mythology.
Can't wait to see how Maxan's tale unfolds. Highly recommend
Embark on an adventure that leads Maxan, a cunning fox, to uncover technological marvels and truths about his world that will forever change the fate of all species, be they animals, or mankind itself.
Intriguing concept promising to be an interesting revenge plot.
A murdered woman comes back from the dead to team up with the homicide detective assigned to her case.
Books Zachary recently read
by Nick Hornby
by Chuck Palahniuk
by Augusten Burroughs
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