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T. Gregory Argall

T. Gregory Argall the other Canadian playwright is the author of over 20 stageplays with productions on six continents. He has two successful webcomic series and recently launched an online sketch comedy show called "Yer Mom’s A Podcast.".

T. is the author of
A long-dormant gene triggers the next step in evolution. Affected people can now "breathe" sunlight. Fear and distrust inevitably follow.
A long-dormant gene triggers the next step in evolution. Affected people can now "breathe" sunlight but distrust and hatred inevitably follow.
Brambleshot is a demon exiled from hell, now working as a Private Investigator, but when his former lover goes missing he’s hired by her father, the devil himself, to find her.
Books T. Recommends
This is exactly the kind of ridiculous silliness we need more of in our lives. This book needs to happen.
There’s a reanimated mummy on the loose in wild west Jersey. Who’s going to stop him? Does he need to be stopped? And who’s the girl in the t-shirt in the middle of winter? It’s a book about legends, science, heroism, and squirrels.
A schmuck who's full of BS is forced by fate to live up to his own hype. I love when that happens. Make it a space adventure, ad well, and it can't miss.
In a space-faring future, an alien war criminal seeks vengeance on humanity, and a celebrated-but-bumbling hero is forced back into action... whether he likes it or not.
The concept of "So You Might Be A Vampire" had me hooked from the start; a learn-from-my-mistakes sort of how-to guide for new vampires., that also happens to have a good story. Add an accessible writing style with good flow and I was sold.
You think being a vampire is easy, but Bob is here to set you straight. He’s been shot, stabbed, survived bad coffee and endured crippling boredom - all in the name of answering the eternal question of what it means to be a vampire.
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