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Shane Lindemoen

I write from the Midwest. I’ve had published a number of short stories and one novel, Artifact (Boxfire Press, 2013) which received the 2014 National Independent Publishers Book Award in the category of sci-fi.
Shane is the author of
Nine astronauts vanish on the opposite side of our star. Their last moment captured as a silver teardrop falling into the shadow of Saturn. A second team is sent to find them. But deep into their journey, cut off from support, their mission unravels.
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Books Shane Recommends
This very, very well-written. This commiserative view of the world through the eyes of a hopeless introvert grabs you hard and refuses to let go. I would definitely read more. Well done.
When an odd math professor is murdered, Lila is left to solve the Millennium Problem, if only she survives.
Finley sets the scene like a pro, unfolding the micro of bloody hangnails to the macro of college pubs on a Friday night . Dialogue is smooth and natural. Really fluid world-building and the writing is very easy to slide into. I'd def read more this.
Bonnie and Clyde. Sadie and Charles.  Who needs modern day romance when tragedy is addicting? When Jane met Phillip she thought he was a god. She would do anything for him. But what happens when anything becomes sinister? Inspired by true events.
Street has visceral control over this well-written, disturbing nightmare spiral. I hope this project gets some traction — I want to read more. I want to see how deep this nightmare goes. Well done.
An alcoholic ex-cop, a washed-up arms dealer, and a fugitive stripper face off against a sadistic cult in Los Angeles.
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