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Roddy McCance

Roddy McCance is a comic book author from Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he lives with his dog Benji. His debut novel ’The Foreverlands’ is scheduled for release in 2021. He runs his own small press publisher - Fracture Press.
Roddy is the author of
A journalist writes a book hoping to find closure for a series of unsolved homicide cases which still haunt him decades later. When the killer re-emerges threatening his family, he must use his knowledge of the past crimes to prevent future crimes.
Rookie Aksel Olsen’s first job in the Sirius Sled patrol changes from a routine watch to life-saving mission. He must journey over the ice, face the endless winter night and his own fears if he is to save his comrades and make it out alive
A Wandering Bartender sets up his stall before midnight waiting for any souls that are in need of a drink, hope or something more.
After the death of a famous rock star, a washed up songwriter travels to a festival in Northern Ireland aged 45 in the hopes of reigniting her music career, what stands in her way is herself.
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