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Doug Goodman

Writer. Cadaver dog handler.
Doug is the author of
Mateo wants to escape his frozen world of criminals and mammoth ranchers. But when their bull mammoth is killed, the family ranch is thrown in jeopardy. His father has a plan, but it involves the criminals Mateo despises.
Books Doug Recommends
As a person who has worked with trackers, I am highly interested in this book about tracking trolls. It is a very intriguing concept!
An embittered troll hunter is forced to help his mortal enemies defeat an ancient demon threatening their very existence.
The Sleeping Man is a mix of Inception and Native American mythtelling. Its grasp on the reader is pervasive and unrelenting. Please support The Sleeping Man.
The last of the dreamwalkers seeks for answers in the long lost Compendium, but the greatest mystery lies within his own past.
Wow. What a cool book. I really like Billy's art style. If you haven't already, check out These Are My Friends on Politics.
A children’s book for adults (who occasionally behave like kids). The one book about politics that won’t destroy your family and friendships if you read it together. (It might even save them.)
Books Doug recently read
by Ernest Cline
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