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Jennifer Hart

The writer is an avid sci-fi fan and has been working on this debut novel for 10 years. It invites the reader to explore the possibility of an alternate future. To ask "Why am I here and what should I do? And, will there be tea afterwards?"
Jennifer is the author of
The crew of a marooned ship struggle to survive a hostile alien environment, whilst discovering that every decision they make will have far reaching consequences for the future of humanity.
Ferris Alton wants a simple life. He simply wants to be famous, wealthy and worshiped but when he has to compete in brutal alien unarmed combat to achieve them, his life goals may be a little ambitious. Unless he has help.
With new partner and kids in tow, a weekend break in a secluded cottage is just what she needs to unwind. But this is no ordinary cottage. This is Nevermore, a place where the past is desperate to claw its way to the future.
Books Jennifer Recommends
Love the beginning stories from this anthology. Brilliant start.
Elegantly written and full of the promise of dark delights. I can't wait to read the next chapter.
A living automata tries to be the perfect daughter to an increasingly unstable magician.
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