Jeffrey Seitzer

Jeff teaches at Roosevelt University and has published recently in Adoptive Families Magazine, The Omaha World-Herald, Brevity Nonfiction Blog, Hippocampus, and elsewhere. Check out his website, www.jeffreyseitzer.com, for more information.
Jeffrey is the author of
A self-centered dad, pressed into service as the caregiver of his infant son in fragile health, completes a life-changing journey with his son as his guide, sharing laughter and love amidst pain and sorrow along the way.
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Books Jeffrey Recommends
This is historical fiction at its best.
Privileged, yet captive, child bride Twilight Adams joins the enslaved champions of freedom on an antebellum Southern plantation—first confronting her own hypocrisy, then challenging the Master.
I love the snappy dialogue in this chapter. A gripping fictional portrayal of this seminal historical event is much needed. It will help Americans come to terms with their troubled identity.
Residents of an old railroad hotel have to protect dangerous secrets about the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot. But someone knows the most dangerous secret of them all about one of the residents.  Who will outwit whom -- and how -- in this explosive encounter?
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