Jacob Larch

An avid reader.
Jacob is the author of
Anthology of stories: a virus released on the colonies and the stories of the survivors- hunters, survivors, and those responsible.
Books Jacob Recommends
Solid read, visual style that puts you right in the mindset and environment of the protagonist. An engaging, fast flowing and hugely enjoyable style!
Delivering data in Virt is an invitation to pain. But that’s Ethan’s job. And today, it might actually kill him.
Brilliant writing style and fast, flowing narrative! Hugely enjoyable and looking forward to following this novel!
Dr. Nerana Jackson awakens to find herself stranded on a ghost ship, drifting in orbit near an alien star. Now, she must piece together what happened to the crew and why before time runs out - or she may join them.
Great narrative, fantastic description, an engaging chapter and a lively, visual style that brought the story to life. I'm very much looking forward to reading more!
A band of mercenaries on the fringe of space, hunted by both of their Empires, looking for the big contract that will finally allow them to have a place to call home.
Books Jacob recently read
by Andy Weir
by William Goldman
by Neil Gaiman
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