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D.M. Woon

D.M Woon was born in London in 1990. His first novel, Tales of The Bastard Drunk, was published in 2015. He has self-published two novellas and a poetry collection, and is currently working on the final instalment of the "Tingles" trilogy.
D.M. is the author of
Two travellers. One haunted town. A secluded pub. A bastard drunk. Hanson Hutchison’s tales of Kramusville have captured the hearts of travellers for many years. His repertoire is extensive, and tonight’s guests are particularly sceptical.
After failing to catch the previous Tingles killer, Det. Finch is adamant that this year’s ritual won’t be completed. With his family threatened by the goings-on in the days preceding Halloween, he discovers that this may be his last case.
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