I’d like for you all to meet my editor, Matt Harry. He has been amazing in the journey toward getting The Madness of Mr. Butler published. As I’ve said, it is a long process, but that process is all in the best interests of the story, and in your best interests as my readers, investors, and friends. This man is doing great things to help make Mr. Butler a great story. He is challenging me and pushing toward making the final product the absolute best it can be. He is behind the greatest successes at Inkshares, and Inkshares decided that my little book deserves the attention of an incredible editor. Please enjoy the blog entry and video regarding one of his recent releases, "A God in the Shed" by J.F. Dubeau, here: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/162717697220/it-all-comes-back-to-story

As for Mr. Butler, great things are happening, and I appreciate your patience as everything remains under construction. We are still looking at an early 2018 release date.

Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to email me at info@talltalestold.com

Why the new email address? Because I am running an internet thing called "Tall Tales Told" now. It’s a home for everything I’m writing and thinking. I’m featuring music, stories of both fiction and nonfiction, and illustrated poetry. Please take a moment and visit if you haven’t already. You can visit by clicking here.

Thanks again for your support and patience. 

Love always, 


Short update, I promise...

In all honesty, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. We suffered a few terrible events in our family that led up to a great loss. I’m not going into great detail here, since this is a personal matter, but I felt you all deserved a good reason for why not much has happened over the past month. 

BUT! There are good things afoot!

1) I am a part of an arranged group of Inkshares authors, and we are all working together in order to polish our stories and make them the best they can be for when they arrive in your hands in 2018! I will give more details when I have them and when I am in a greater swing of things. But I assure you, this is a big deal. 

2) I am still writing other things, and I want to share them with you! I have started a website called Tall Tales Told (click here: talltalestold.com) and it is a blog of sorts. I wanted to get an author page going, and that might be a part of things in the future, but I noticed something about most author pages: there’s no writing. Tall Tales Told is laced with what I’m calling "embellished nonfiction." I am telling tales from throughout my life, but with necessary embellishments, allowing for the fact that my memory of events might not be 100% accurate. I see these tales as something along the lines of David Sedaris in terms of delivery. Also, there is poetry! And it is illustrated by the amazing Phil Rood! (Please check out philrood.com, because this man is incredible and you should be buying his work.) 

Tall Tales Told is also on Facebook and Twitter, and I plan on releasing all things Mr. Butler on this website as well. I am putting it all up there for your enjoyment, and for free. I hope you like it. Thank you for checking it out. 

That’s all for now. There’s much more, of course, but my brain and heart are a bit frazzled by this insane month of May. 

Thank you all for the support. I love you all. 


Editing update!

I was thrilled to begin the editing portion of production, but I had no idea it would be this amazing. (I mean, I guess I did a little, because Inkshares posted their production process here.) I’m in the "story architecture" portion of the developmental edit. What this means is that my editor (the incredible Matt Harry, author of "Sorcery for Beginners," which you can check out here) started challenging me right off the bat. He threw great questions at me regarding what I want to say with my book and how I can make each character more meaningful in the story. 

Long story short, I’m restructuring the story. 

This is a GREAT thing, believe me. It does not offset the current release date aim of February/March of 2018, as long as I put in the work. And so far, I certainly have. In the two weeks since production has started, I redesigned the story into a four-page structure, and my editor, my beta readers, and I all see this becoming a story that is vastly improved and will be a fun read. 

Personally, I’m over the moon. 

At first, I’ll admit, being challenged on my own story and being presented with difficult questions was frustrating. Then I realized that pulling together a new and improved version is better for everything all around. This is a process I would not have gotten at a traditional publisher. Any other publisher would have simply helped me clean up the story I submitted. Working with Matt Harry makes me feel like I’m in a writer’s room and I’m the lead writer. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks working on the new and improved Mr. Butler, and I am sure that you all will enjoy the final product all the more. 

What’s next? I’m expanding my story structure into individual chapters with summaries describing what will occur in each chapter. Then Matt will go over everything with me and help me tighten the story up. 

After that, it’s rewriting time! I am excited to write this story. It’s going to flow quickly. 

With the detailed treatment my little book is getting already, I truly feel like a contest winner. And I won thanks to all of your support. Thank you. 

I will let you know when the chapter summaries are finished and I’m moving on to getting this adventure down onto pages. Until then, just know that I love you all. 

And if you haven’t preordered, you can here. Thank you for your support everyone.



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I got the news today that the manuscript has been sent off to my developmental editor! This is the beginning of the process of turning Mr. Butler into a tangible, readable book! I do not have many details yet, but I will soon. This begins the process of working with the editing, design, and marketing teams, and the process will take a lot of work. It’s estimated that The Madness of Mr. Butler will come out in February or March of 2018!!!

Okay...it’s starting to feel real. This is amazing. When I know more, you will.  

Thank you all for your patience and support. I love you all. 


(If there’s just a jumble of code in the middle of this email, it’s supposed to be an excited Kermit the Frog, just so you know.)

Sorry to have seemingly spammed you all on this rainy Tuesday morning (in Northeast Ohio, at least, it is autumn now. Whereas last week it was winter and it was spring the week before that.)

I am writing to let you know that, although I am still waiting for production to begin, the book still exists. I have sent the first two chapters of the submitted manuscript for your reading pleasure. I will send more in the future. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please reach out to me with any questions or if you are curious enough to read more. If you have preordered the book, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to read any bit of the draft that you wish. (Hint-hint, to those of you who haven’t preordered...)

The book is still planned to be released next February from what I know, but consider that date to be fluid. I am still working on the website and bonus reading material for all of you lovely backers. 

And fellow authors: please reach out to me for any needs. We are a community, and if we can help each other out then that community only grows stronger. 

This is me: mhaase75@gmail.com

Tweet at me if you’d like: @keepwritingmike

That is all for now. 

Love to all,



Hello my dearest supporters. I have news. The manuscript is finished, turned in, and ready for production. On February 1st, 2016, I came up with this idea for an atypical space opera, put it in a contest, and with the help of all of you, I won. Since then, I have spent the last 11 or so months (with a break for a new baby) writing, editing, rewriting, reworking, and, at last, FINISHING the manuscript. I had some paperwork to fill out, and all of it came together this afternoon. So, I sent it off. My manuscript is in the hands of the Inkshares team, waiting for a production schedule. I am so incredibly happy, proud, and relieved to have finished this book. 

"So...Mike...WHEN do I get the book?" 

Here’s the thing: in talking to many of you over the past several months, it seems that the concept behind crowdfunding, writing, and producing a book was not made quite clear. That is my fault. Also, I did not make it quite clear about the Inkshares model, perhaps. Also my fault. I thought I addressed that it might take a while for the book to come out, but I am sorry if I left the impression that it would be sooner. Admittedly, I myself thought I would be handing in the manuscript last May, but, I didn’t. And the reason for that is two fold: 

1) my baby boy was born in May


b) the story became something much greater than I imagined. 

I took my time with the manuscript in order to make sure what you ended up with was a quality book arriving much later than you thought, rather than a crappy book arriving in a much more timely manner. Now, my end of the bargain is finished, and I’m sorry it took so long. But, writing a complete 70,300 word novel in less than a year ain’t so bad, in the grand scheme of things. 

"So...Mike...WHEN do I get the book?!?"

You have every right to know, but I can’t quite answer that yet. I was told that production might not begin for at least two more months, meaning that production would start in March at the earliest. As for how long it takes to produce a book, Inkshares wrote a blog addressing that very question: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/154475375840/a-note-on-pub-dates-from-the-inkshares-production

To summarize the blog, A TON OF WORK GOES INTO PRODUCING A BOOK. Editing, designing, marketing, planning, reviewing, and so on and so forth...they are quoting 12-18 months passing from the beginning of production to the book being in your hands. BUT! I have seen them finish some as quickly as 10 months...but that is kind of remarkable. Inkshares has exploded in popularity lately, and they are backlogged with projects. 

I will do the math for you:

Earliest production for Mr. Butler begins in March. Fastest production is 10 months. 
So, in reality, the earliest the book would be in your hands is the beginning of 2018. 

I know. That seems like a long time from now. And it kinda is. Although, for most traditionally published books, from first written words to bookstore shelves, the process usually takes more like 3 years, so it’s not so bad, really. 

But I understand if you’re frustrated. You sent money in to the company to support me, and you were expecting a product much sooner than maybe two years later. Let me say I’m sorry, but I promise the book will be great and worth the wait. I appreciate your patience. If this wait time frustrates you to no end, then please email me at mhaase75@gmail.com and let me talk to you personally before you ask the company for a refund or anything rash like that. 

In order to ease the pain of waiting, I have some GREAT NEWS

I am building a website with the help of one of my greatest friends (more like a brother). It’s themindofmichael.com, and you can click that link and go there right now. It’s just a picture holding the place on the internet at the moment, but it’s my place, my foundation, and it’s going to be awesome. 

I will be putting up short stories, poetry, art, photos, blogs, nonfiction tales from my own life, and music. Part of the website will be dedicated to Mr. Butler, containing other stories and various pieces to expand upon the universe of the book. That part of the website will only be accessible by entering a code (or some other simple method of access, still deciding on that part, but we will call it a code for now), and I will be putting that code at the end of the book so anyone wishing to supplement their experience can do so. I will be giving those of you who preordered and helped me win this contest this code in advance, so you can have material to read and enjoy while you wait for the book to come out. I will also be offering freebies and discounts on things on the website for you lovely backers as well. Things like art, poems, and music. You will also have access to previewing the other projects I will be working on this year, which includes:

-a poetry collection featuring illustrations from an awesome artist I won’t name yet because I didn’t ask their permission to do so. 

-an EP/album with my band, The Space Program (we also have a reserved website up at wearethespaceprogram.com, where you can use your keyboard to play drum sounds. It’s a fun).

-The children’s picture books I’m shopping out to other publishers

-embellished nonfiction from my life (David Sedaris kinda stuff)

-a short story collection

-blogs and news


It’s all moving forward and shaking up. It’s a massively exciting year for me as a writer and an artist. I hope you are excited for what’s to come as well. 

I will end things here for now, but I want to thank you all for your support and your patience. This will all pay off soon. I will update you as things expand. 

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions or need anything: mhaase75@gmail.com

Thank you all. 



While you wait ever so patiently for Mr. Butler, I thought I’d offer you some light reading. I’ve entered a short horror/thriller story of mine into a contest on Wattpad. It’s called "Open Heart," and you can read it here:


No need to purchase anything. But if you like it, I’d appreciate it if you clicked on the "vote" star in the app. Couldn’t hurt. 

Otherwise, The Editing of Mr Butler is going quite well. I anticipate turning in my manuscript in a couple weeks. Thank you for your patience. 

Love to all, and I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving (if in the US) and I wish you a happy holiday season. 



Thank you all for your patience. This has been a long time in the making with many restarts and do-overs, but the story is finalized from beginning to end. It is a readable piece of work now...kind of. 

Does this mean you finally get your book? 

Next year, yes. You will get your book. It’s come to my attention that there is some confusion regarding when everyone would be getting their copy after supporting me in the contest. Getting this book published was a crowdfunding venture, and even if I had submitted the manuscript back when I won the contest on March 15th, the book would not have been in your hands yet. It takes a lot of editing, developing, design, and marketing to get a book from manuscript to published. I know of someone who did submit their manuscript in March, and their projected release date is January. So there’s that. 

I am sorry that it will take so long to get to you, but I am honestly working to make this the best book it can be, not the fastest. This is my chance to build up my reputation as an author, and I don’t intend on sullying that reputation by hurrying. I have 67,000 words of condensed and scrutinized story down on paper, and now I’ve turned it over to my frontline editors. One of them is already reading away. 

I hope they are brutal. It will only make the book better. 

In order to give you a timeline of when things most likely will happen, I completed the first draft before my personal deadline of November 1st. Now that I’ve turned it over to my editors, both they and I will be working to fix all the little errors and bugs and enormous plot holes in order to bring this story up to a good second draft. I’m hoping to have that done by mid-December. I’m using NaNoWriMo as a motivator to edit the heck out of this thing. I will submit the second draft.

Once I turn in my manuscript, it’s all in Inkshares’ hands as far as timelines are concerned. It seems that the average turnaround time is about ten months to a year after submitting the manuscript. Therefore, we are looking at an autumn 2017 release date. 

I know that seems like a long time from now. It is. And I beg your patience. Trust me, no one is more anxious for that publication date to come along than I am. 

But I plan on getting a lot accomplished between now and then. I plan on having a great, interactive website up, and I’m working on a lot more surprises for next year. 

Plus, there’s the release party to plan...

Also worth noting is that I took down my other books from Inkshares so I can focus solely on Butler. I promise not to bug you to buy anything else. That was a mistake on my part, but thanks to all of you who sent your support for these other projects. Your support means more than you know.

My eyes are on the prize, now. Butler will be a reality, just not this year. 

But when you get it, it will be amazing.

Hang in there, and I love you all.


P.S.- The preorder sales figures directly contribute toward production costs, so if you haven’t ordered yet and would like to contribute to keeping my book out of the red, I would appreciate any and all help. The prices are lower than they were during the contest. and it’s going to be an amazing little book! Thanks for your consideration. 

It’s my birthday today!!! 

This is the year of my life I become published!!!

Thank you for your support!!!


(Wanna get me a gift? Of course you do...you can help fund my comedy, An Adventure with Dada, by clicking here and preordering a copy. That would seriously make my day.)

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still working quite hard on Mr. Butler. I enrolled in Camp NaNoWriMo for July and set a goal of writing 70,000 words for the book in 31 days...and I did it in 30:

All 70,024 (and counting!) words were written for Butler. Every day I’m working to make this the best damn book I can make it. 

Just thought you, my wonderful investors, my support system, and most importantly, my friends, should know that I am giving this project every single spare moment I have. I’m still aiming for a September manuscript submission. I will keep you updated!

Thanks for hanging in there!

Love to all.


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