Michael Haase's latest update for Mr. Butler/The Man Who Stole the World

Jan 27, 2017


Hello my dearest supporters. I have news. The manuscript is finished, turned in, and ready for production. On February 1st, 2016, I came up with this idea for an atypical space opera, put it in a contest, and with the help of all of you, I won. Since then, I have spent the last 11 or so months (with a break for a new baby) writing, editing, rewriting, reworking, and, at last, FINISHING the manuscript. I had some paperwork to fill out, and all of it came together this afternoon. So, I sent it off. My manuscript is in the hands of the Inkshares team, waiting for a production schedule. I am so incredibly happy, proud, and relieved to have finished this book. 

"So...Mike...WHEN do I get the book?" 

Here’s the thing: in talking to many of you over the past several months, it seems that the concept behind crowdfunding, writing, and producing a book was not made quite clear. That is my fault. Also, I did not make it quite clear about the Inkshares model, perhaps. Also my fault. I thought I addressed that it might take a while for the book to come out, but I am sorry if I left the impression that it would be sooner. Admittedly, I myself thought I would be handing in the manuscript last May, but, I didn’t. And the reason for that is two fold: 

1) my baby boy was born in May


b) the story became something much greater than I imagined. 

I took my time with the manuscript in order to make sure what you ended up with was a quality book arriving much later than you thought, rather than a crappy book arriving in a much more timely manner. Now, my end of the bargain is finished, and I’m sorry it took so long. But, writing a complete 70,300 word novel in less than a year ain’t so bad, in the grand scheme of things. 

"So...Mike...WHEN do I get the book?!?"

You have every right to know, but I can’t quite answer that yet. I was told that production might not begin for at least two more months, meaning that production would start in March at the earliest. As for how long it takes to produce a book, Inkshares wrote a blog addressing that very question: http://blog.inkshares.com/post/154475375840/a-note-on-pub-dates-from-the-inkshares-production

To summarize the blog, A TON OF WORK GOES INTO PRODUCING A BOOK. Editing, designing, marketing, planning, reviewing, and so on and so forth...they are quoting 12-18 months passing from the beginning of production to the book being in your hands. BUT! I have seen them finish some as quickly as 10 months...but that is kind of remarkable. Inkshares has exploded in popularity lately, and they are backlogged with projects. 

I will do the math for you:

Earliest production for Mr. Butler begins in March. Fastest production is 10 months. 
So, in reality, the earliest the book would be in your hands is the beginning of 2018. 

I know. That seems like a long time from now. And it kinda is. Although, for most traditionally published books, from first written words to bookstore shelves, the process usually takes more like 3 years, so it’s not so bad, really. 

But I understand if you’re frustrated. You sent money in to the company to support me, and you were expecting a product much sooner than maybe two years later. Let me say I’m sorry, but I promise the book will be great and worth the wait. I appreciate your patience. If this wait time frustrates you to no end, then please email me at mhaase75@gmail.com and let me talk to you personally before you ask the company for a refund or anything rash like that. 

In order to ease the pain of waiting, I have some GREAT NEWS

I am building a website with the help of one of my greatest friends (more like a brother). It’s themindofmichael.com, and you can click that link and go there right now. It’s just a picture holding the place on the internet at the moment, but it’s my place, my foundation, and it’s going to be awesome. 

I will be putting up short stories, poetry, art, photos, blogs, nonfiction tales from my own life, and music. Part of the website will be dedicated to Mr. Butler, containing other stories and various pieces to expand upon the universe of the book. That part of the website will only be accessible by entering a code (or some other simple method of access, still deciding on that part, but we will call it a code for now), and I will be putting that code at the end of the book so anyone wishing to supplement their experience can do so. I will be giving those of you who preordered and helped me win this contest this code in advance, so you can have material to read and enjoy while you wait for the book to come out. I will also be offering freebies and discounts on things on the website for you lovely backers as well. Things like art, poems, and music. You will also have access to previewing the other projects I will be working on this year, which includes:

-a poetry collection featuring illustrations from an awesome artist I won’t name yet because I didn’t ask their permission to do so. 

-an EP/album with my band, The Space Program (we also have a reserved website up at wearethespaceprogram.com, where you can use your keyboard to play drum sounds. It’s a fun).

-The children’s picture books I’m shopping out to other publishers

-embellished nonfiction from my life (David Sedaris kinda stuff)

-a short story collection

-blogs and news


It’s all moving forward and shaking up. It’s a massively exciting year for me as a writer and an artist. I hope you are excited for what’s to come as well. 

I will end things here for now, but I want to thank you all for your support and your patience. This will all pay off soon. I will update you as things expand. 

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions or need anything: mhaase75@gmail.com

Thank you all.