Hello everyone,

I only have six more copies of SoF to sell in order to be published. A mere six! We can push SoF into our goal TODAY! We only need six more people to step up and make a purchase. Let’s make this happen!


Hello everyone!

We've had an amazing few days here, and the number of sales remaining has been drastically reduced! You guys are awesome, and I thank you greatly for your support.

Only 30 sales remain until Storm of Fury meets its goal. We're so close now I can taste victory! Let's push forward this week and knock out that small number and get SoF published!

Thanks again,


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order for an order? I so want to see you make it to Quill. we can swap referral codes so we can both get bitcoins if you like that route. shoot me a gmail at jdgriffith78
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Andrew, don't feel disheartened by the lack of sales. The truth is, the chances of selling a book that doesn't exist yet to a complete stranger are quite slim. You are not the only one with this problem, all of us here at Inkshares have struggled with this. You have to concentrate your efforts on the people you know and their extended networks. Gather your closest friends and family members and ask them to brainstorm 2,3 or 5 people they may know that have the potential of buying your book and ask them to make a personal ask. Get your family to ask their co-workers, your siblings or cousins to ask their classmates. Right now a personal ask, word of mouth is your biggest selling tool. Until your book is edited and available to purchase, you are selling yourself, not your book. Trust me that is the best approach. You are a great writer, fans and followers will come once your book is out. Best of luck.

Hello everyone,

Sorry about the recent radio silence lately, but in truth, there really hasn't been anything happening here that warrants an update. We're currently sitting at 191 copies  of Storm of Fury sold, which leaves us with 59 books remaining and 45 days to sell them.

The number of sales has increased since my last update, which is due to the fantastic efforts of my very generous family. And while every sale is a good one, I can't help but feel disheartened by it. There has been little to no growth in Storm of Fury's following, which is a very bad thing. While I may be able to sell a few here and there, very soon sales will grind to a halt.

As we currently stand, we have to sell more than one copy each day, at the very least, in order to hit 250 copies in time. Some might begin to worry. Others might start to have doubts.

But not me.

I will not doubt this project, not for a single moment and not even in its final day. I do not take my writing lightly, and I've spent years crafting story after story, and I would not dare present one for publishing that wasn't worthy of an audience. I know Storm of Fury is a story worth reading and sharing, I know it's a novel worth publishing. I've seen the reviews my fellow peers and authors have left on SoF's page, and I've seen them rally to support me. The people here at Inkshares have helped SoF rise into the view of potential readers since day one, and I know they'll continue to do so until the end. I couldn't do this without the people I've met here and I couldn't do this without each and every one of you. You, my readers, are the most important part of this whole campaign. You're the reason I haven't given up, for I know that you will someday soon hold a copy of this book in your hands.

Thank you. Thank you for your contributions and continued support.

59 more copies? Piece of cake.


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 Storm of Fury

Written by Andrew Wood
Genre Fantasy

The story began with a hook luring the reader in along with information about what was going on while moving on the story which is good because a book that stops and just spills information without keeping the plot going makes it boring in some parts. The main character Kaven is an interesting person after flunking school he moved on to the  army.  While on leave for a few days he gets sent away on a mission to deliver a message. At least, that is what he thinks he's doing.  Kaven along with three others are sent into the Storm of Fury a storm created by their God as a punishment. During this mission, they go through trials and learn things they never even thought would be possible.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book it took me off to another place and made me care for these characters the plot was well thought out and the character development was great! You can definitely see that they all have something to bring to the table and it definitely made this story amazing! I loved how the story unraveled also the way it made almost everything not what it  seemed to be. while being descriptive it made me feel like I was in the story!  I was sad and amazed by the end of this book, it is definitely a worthy read for all fantasy readers!

Age I would say 13and up however if younger readers would like to try it have your parents read it first!
It is a 525-page book
Fantasy and Fiction lovers would enjoy this book! Although I would encourage all readers to try this book!

Hello everyone,

Incredible news! Storm of Fury has been approved for an extension, which now gives us 65 days to reach our goal! We currently have  89 more copies to sell, and I know that's in part to the wonderful support everyone here at Inkshares has given me.

Let's keep the momentum going, and we'll have no difficulty reaching our goal! On that note, I'd like to take a moment and give a shout out to another project here at Inkshares that needs our help;

  Calling all fantasy fans out there! With only 12 days remaining and 177 copies left to order, this book needs your help!

Exile, Magus by Thomas J. Arnold is a fantasy novel set in a land of empires and city-states still haunted by the ancient past. After breaking his people's greatest taboo by practicing magic, a young dwarf must abandon what is left of his family and flee into a world he has only heard of in stories.

To find out more about this project, visit Exile, Magus’ homepage here: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/exile-magus?referral_code=22a64efc

OR, read more about it now: 

Pentaz has lived a relatively comfortable life in the reclusive island nation of Thierdenvolgenlund. His father had won wealth and questionable fame as an engineer, problem solver, and even a one-time dragon slayer. Still the family's peculiar nature ensures that most view them as oddities, but when Pentaz' study of magic the people turn fully against them.

Fleeing home after both a great tragedy and victory, Pentaz enters a world he has only heard of in stories and legends. Now, he must struggle to learn the ways of this strange, new world in order to survive. The dangers of his new life on the road are many though, and they cannot be overcome alone.

Along the way he finds new friends and allies, fellow students of magic, a money-grubbing caravan master, a dwarf of the mainlands whose culture is perhaps most alien to Pentaz, and even an eccentric king overly fascinated by gnomes and their workings. Most importantly he finds Buscidia, a half-dwarven warrior and vagabond, and in her he finds love and hope for a new family to replace the one he had lost. But can Pentaz overcome his own insecurities and pain in order to build the life with her which he desperately desires?

His home has not forgotten Pentaz or his crime however, and unbeknownst to the exile his brother Palkaz has made his way to the mainland as well. As his hunt for the young magus comes to a close, the two find their charged reunion interrupted. 

Thrust against a danger the two brothers never imagined, can they overcome their differences long enough to survive?

Want to hear more? Check out the homepage and read the first five chapters for free!

And take a look at what a couple of other authors had to say about Exile, Magus:

John Robin, author of Blood Dawn says "Exile, Magus brings out the grand voice of high fantasy. Thomas Arnold brings together echos of Gulliver's Travels, Terry Pratchet, and Tolkien with his witty, scholarly narrative voice, strange races with strange names, and sense of a rigorously-thought-out world. I excpect from what I read to enter something amusing, thoughtful, and intriguing all at once!"

Tabi Card, author of says "Exile, Magus is a unique fantasy tale, giving new maenaing to the world 'Epic'. As you follow the life of Pentaz, you will be treated to an intricate blend of myth and magic, sit on the edge of your seat through intense battles, and chuckle at the witty banter of the characters as they face a variety of threats. If you read fantasy, read this - I promise it will not disappoint!"

Go ahead, take a look and buy a book! 

BUT HURRY! The book’s campaign ends on JANUARY 22nd ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!


With only 19 days remaining in my campaign, it is crunch time for certain. If you haven't ordered Storm of Fury yet, please, please consider doing so now! If you're having doubts about this book, check out what some of the critics are saying about Storm of Fury:

"A wonderfully immersive example of what epic fantasy should be. Whether describing the fury of a divinely created storm, the horror of monsters and titans, or the love of pastries shared by father and son soldiers it does so in a fast paced but highly detailed way. It will leave you wanting to know more about what are both highly developed characters and a highly detailed world. I can't wait to read the entire book." -Thomas J. Arnold, author of Exile, Magus

"Excellent world-building, great characters, a strong voice, and an engaging story make this one of the best Fantasy epics currently available on Inkshares! Highly recommended for any and all fans of the genre." -Bryon Gillan, Author of Children of the Forest

"Well-written and intricate, this book puts the Epic in Epic Fantasy. The characters leap off the page, you feel the power of Fury, and each sentence is a skillfully crafted masterpiece that makes this book a contestant in fantasy for well-known works like Eragon and The Belgariad." -Tabi Card, author of Scribbles

"The world Andrew Wood takes us to with this story is superb and believable. It's a tough act to establish a storm as an antagonist, but Wood does a great job of creating real extensions of this storm that give it a tangible, menacing presence, a la George R. R. Martin's White Walkers or Jordan's Myrdraal. In fact, the mood and tone very much conjured the familiar world of Wheel of Time, where instead of a dark one we have a menacing storm that is just as terrifying. This is fine epic fantasy and I very much hope to see this book in print so I can read it in its entirety." -John Robin, author of Blood Dawn

"Storm of Fury has a gripping beginning and an awe-inspiring setting . A young man must face god's fury unleashed on mankind in the form of a supernatural storm with nothing more than a bow and arrow and his courage and faith. The author's writing is reminiscent of a young Brandon Sanderson, especially his Way of Kings series. A good book for both adults and younger readers. If this were on the shelf of my bookstore, I would buy it." -Lisa Shumaker

A huge thank you to these great people who have supported my book and left behind such kind words. (I strongly recommend that you take a look at their work as well; its fantastic literature!) And also a massive thanks to those of you who already ordered Storm of Fury! 

Please, consider ordering Storm of Fury very soon. We're over halfway there and we can't stop now!

Today I want to give a special shout-out to a project here that deserves your support. With 5 days to go, it only needs 15 more pre-orders to reach funding!

Here's a bit about it:

Dax Harrison by Tony Valdez is set in a space-faring future, where an alien war criminal seeks vengeance on humanity, and a celebrated-but-bumbling hero is forced back into action... whether he likes it or not.

To find out more, visit its project page here: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/dax-harrison-2276

OR, read more about it now:

Dax Harrison - Hero. Legend. ...Schmuck.

Ten years ago, Commander Dax Harrison saved humanity from an invading alien race bent on enslaving the galaxy.

Or so we’ve been told.

The details are fuzzy, as the legend of Commander Harrison has been exaggerated through years of pulp novels, made-for-TV movies and so on.

These days, Dax spends his time not-so-humbly enjoying his fame, counting royalty checks and coasting his way toward retirement.

But as he counts the days until he can disappear on a beach somewhere, fate has other plans.

A dangerous shadow from the past puts a wrench in Dax's easygoing existence, and he is forced to finally live up to his legend, whether he likes it or not.

Click the cover link to be taken to the Inkshares page where you can pre-order a copy:

Would you like some more incentive (Besides your new favorite sci-fi adventure comedy with a reluctant hero, fast-paced action, swashbuckling and more)?! How about a fancy coffee mug to go with it?

​For every 10 book orders, Tony is raffling off a mug featuring the book's spectacular retro sci-fi cover art! Buy a book and join the fun!

BUT HURRY! The book campaign ends DECEMBER 27TH! ORDER TODAY!


Hello everyone,

Storm of Fury has hit the halfway point!! We've sold 126 copies of my book so far! This is phenomenal, and far more than I ever expected to get. Thank you so much; you guys rock! With a mere 124 copies left to sell, your lifelong dream of getting your hands on a copy of Storm of Fury is so close to a reality!

That being said, only 42 days remain until the campaign ends, so I really need your help! We're not out of the woods yet, which means I have a very special task for everyone. Find someone you know that hasn't purchased the book -be it an uncle, random guy off the street or your twice-removed cousin- and get them to buy a copy! Get them to sign in and leave a brief review, which will award them $10 in credits and they get Storm of Fury for free! We have 129 readers, and I know that everyone has an uncle, so start nagging them. If everyone of my 129 readers gets one person to buy a copy -just one person!- we will be OVER our goal, and Storm of Fury will be guaranteed to be published!

Are you ready? Go!

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