Christine Catallo

As a librarian, I am an avid reader and writer of quirky stories. 
Christine is the author of
Grotesque magic and monsters exist on the periphery of the known world, hiding in the midnight folds of Alaska. There, Peregrina Dante can charm and disarm any monster, but her own monstrosities might just devour her whole.
Books Christine Recommends
This is a great beginning with stellar writing and plenty of action - a difficult balance to strike, but this book pulls it off really well. The world-building is fantastic. Can't wait to read more!
They stole Relai’s crown and used it to kill Milo’s family. She wakes up. He’s there to kill her.
Wow! The writing is just so beautiful and so classical; it begs to be read out loud so you can savor the sound of these words.
Above Acuity’s Monolith, a seldom seen aurora, a disharmonic schism which heralds contention and strife. The Anodecum’s journey across the Divides is begun, but Destiny rarely walks her chosen in a straight path. Come Harvester, Necromagians in tow.
Great world-building with hilarious and unexpected interactions between well-known fantasy fixtures. It takes the fantasy genre and turns it on its head--in the best possible way.
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