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Charles Gull

Builder of a Cosmos, twister of a few plots and farmer of a very great many maggots. On-line at
Charles Gull is the author of
Bored and frustrated by their simple rural life two boys fulfill a terrible curse and resurrect an ancient evil.
A hardened space miner seeks to avenge his brother’s death before realising what a terrible mistake he himself has made.
An anthology of short pieces reflecting the mixed up and shadowy hinterland of my mind.
With the Realm of Chaos encroaching from all sides the Aether Guard battles Spawn to keep their homelands free.
Books Charles Gull Recommends
An intriguing decade spanning opening. Filled with hidden agendas and flashbacks.
On a criminal psychologist’s journey to find her stalker, she realizes that her past is forcefully crawling to the surface, revealing secrets she was not aware of. Now, it’s a matter of whether she can find the demons hiding behind angelic faces.
Sometimes fact and fiction go hand in hand. This handbook not only explains the science behind the Orb itself but also colours in the background to the various Novels in the saga. I hope you find it entertaining.
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