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Yep, a prelude dude

       There was a cool rush of fall air, even here in the Big Easy. A girl could get lost in a place like this, no matter how much you resisted. I was sipping another bloody mary with my best friend, Abby. She was bored early this evening, I could read her small pale face no matter how much gothic goop she had plastered on it. Tonight Abby was a vampire. Plastic fangs and a nice flattering corset was on the ticket tonight. I had promised her I would join her for Halloween, and even crossed my heart and hoped to die that I would stop being so anal for once and let go. I was trying, give me that. I didn’t plan to dress up in a fake velvet cape and black out my eyes this evening like my dear best friend, but  I was  prepared to get wasted. Not to mention I gave up my bright colors to dress in black satin and fish nets! Abby was off dancing with another lame excuse for Dracula, with greasy hair and bloodshot eyes. I watched my naturally thin, sassy social butterfly of a friend meet and greet new people and dance the night away. I felt a surge of jealousy for a moment, then I gulped down my drink.  I got lost in thinking about my tiny apartment in Houston, and how I missed the smell of my clean sheets and a streaming cup of coffee. I then noticed Abby’s seat wasn’t vacant anymore. A rich smell of sweat, sex, and some brand name cologne was making my heart skip a few beats. Oh yeah, here’s trouble.  I almost expected to see some vampire wannabe junkie flashing me chest hair and fangs. Blinking, I was looking up at the most attractive man I have ever seen close up. Clean shaven with a strong chin and plump lips.  I was trying not to catch his gaze, I smiled widely at him.

“ Hello.”  His voice was husky and smooth.

That did it. I was glaring up at his sinful hazel eyes and hating him for his thick array of black eyelashes.

“ Um.. Okay I’m so sorry to bother you lady. I’ll go.” He was jerking up to leave when I reached out like a mad woman by the cuff of his jacket and pulled.

“ NO! Stay! Sit! I’m sorry. Hi.” I was shouting like he was a brand new puppy to train.  Bad girl Jopi.

Gently he tugged away his arm and adjusted himself back down into the chair. He was tall and thin with skin the color of maple syrup. I bet just as sweet and delicious too.. his hair was trimmed in a typical business cut,  the kind that almost renders a man bald. It fit him though, and he was everything I yearn for while in the mist of masturbating. Since I’m socially backward, anal retentive, awkwardly tall and thick in most places, confession time people: I was still a virgin at twenty-four. I did my best to hide this fact with strangers, cover it up with naughty talk and my collection of free porn.

He was grinning like a doped up idiot and I was mirrored the same.

“ I don’t mean to bother you lady, but frankly you looked like you would have a better time burning in hell. My name is Trey.” Immediately he held out his hand for me to take and I did without a second thought.

“ I’m Jopi. Nice to meet you.” I was almost breaking my face with a grin.

“ Wow, what an unusual name you got there.” He threw out under his breath, chuckling.

“ And I’m almost fucking sure Trey sounds a bit fake. Did you make the name up to score vampire chicks?”

Wham. His face looked as if I dug my three inch heels into his balls. I wanted to take it back the instant I focused on him. Shit. O. La.  Once again killed any chance with this guy.  Partially upset with myself, I chewed on my lower lip and got up to leave.

I mumbled my apologies and scooted myself to drag Abby out of this club. She was snacking on an emo boy with pretty hair and tight pants. In the dark, I could see she was grinding him slowly, his hands hiked up her short skirt. I had the awful urge to snatch her up by her fake blood red hair and drag her back to the hotel, but resisted long enough to calm myself.

“ Abby, I’m not feeling so great. Going back to the hotel. Check you later.”

“ I’ve got your number, see you tomorrow.” She yelled this without looking up. Typical. I didn’t have enough respect for Abby at the moment to care what happened to her, she was a grown woman, right?

I danced past the mob of ghouls and vampires, even bumped into a hot zombie sipping on a glass of wine.  To my surprise Trey was sitting at the same table, looking angry. He caught my eyes and raised up as if he was coming to chew me a new one. As luck would have it a nice sexy blonde woman with killer red boots caught him and was coaxing him back into his seat.

The night air was fringed with warmth and I trotted back towards the Oliver Hotel drunker than a skunk.

In the short time of walking and throwing myself the largest pity party I sat down on the curb to cry. I was dizzy from the alcohol and the horrible fact I was a bitter bitch. Why can’t I allow the magic of New Orleans cast a spell on me? Why can’t I just be happy for once? My veil of dark soft hair covered my tear streaked face. I found comfort in that mask, and under the yellow tinge of a gas lamp I meet death, my death; head on.

I sucked in as much air as possible as I saw the fist fly towards me. It was a small fist, but I fell back with such force I heard my head crack the pavement. Blood and tears blinded me. I was fighting back, my body pumped with adrenaline. Clumps of hair were in my hand and then someone was chanting aggressively in my ear.  The pain burned from my scalp to my arm, and in the mist of cursing and kicking I knew I had be badly cut on my forearm. The gash was deep and bubbled with blood exposing what looked like tendons and yellow fatty flesh. I was kicked in the face. The chanting was now so loud it was trailing on being extremely painful. Multiple voices and cries of pleasure was the very last thing I can recall, before the knife split open my chest.

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