Michael Bennett's latest update for Young Donald

Dec 1, 2019

I know some of you are wondering why you haven’t received your copy of Young Donald yet. Well, that’s because - like a working class American searching for a personal benefit from the Trump tax cuts - you are looking for something that doesn’t exist! 

Young Donald still needs to go through a rigorous editing and design process before it will be ready to appear in your Kindle or on your nightstand. 

In the meantime, while all that work is being done, please check out Young Donald on Twitter: @novel_young. 

This Twitter account has been taken over by Ukrainian hackers and is now breaking clearly fake news like “MOVE OVER NOSTRADAMUS: Young Donald’s Military School Classmates named him “Most Likely to be Impeached for a Treasonous Act” in 1963!!!”

And get ready for a New Years Eve / Young Donald Supporters Party (featuring a very special quid-pro-WHOA Punch)! Invitations coming out soon! Why pay $100+ for a New Years Eve event, when you can just buy a few more copies of Young Donald for the new, ultra low price of just $13.99 (https://www.inkshares.com/books/young-donald) and party all night for free?!?!

Finally, thank you so much again for your fabulous support of my book!