Ryan Cook
This is wonderful! The voice of Irusai reminds me of Onyesonwu from Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor (the best sci-fi/fantasy novel I've read in recent years). This is some superb world-build and I am looking forward to what comes next!
Rick Heinz
An intriguing concept using True-Names as a form of magic, or even binding people to their place in society. Add in some demons, a unique setting, and conflict to tie everything together and Witherfist has struck a nerve of storytelling. Plus, anyone who buys a signed copy of the book will have power over the author. Muhahahaha..... 
Ryne Drogemuller
The first chapter has a female Jason Bourne feel to it.
Cem Bilici
Definitely following this one, already has me grabbed at the first chapter.
Jane-Holly Meissner
Grabs you from the first chapter - I'm definitely interested to find out what happens next. J. Graham-Jones is a talented author and one to watch!
Chrissy Cook
Strong female leads, incoming! Syndicate that deals with that, heads-up. Looking forward to the update with book content!
Fernando Crôtte
The sample is beautifully written. I am engrossed by the action and by the setting. I am very much looking forward to reading more!
Christopher Lee
From name magic to pack dragons, Witherfist packs a punch in just the first chapter. Graham-Jones obviously has crafted this world with care and it shows in the intricate detail of the first Chapter. The mystery surrounding the main character is spellbinding! I am eager to read more!
Bryce Clemens
Excellent idea for the story. For sure something I'd read!