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Bryce Clemens

Hey everyone! I’m Bryce Clemens, 25 years old and have been living in southern Michigan since birth. Reading was always a passion of mine as well as movies,video games, and TV shows. 
Bryce is the author of
A son takes on his father’s role as protector of a noble’s daughter.
Books Bryce Recommends
The idea that the bible is false alone is enough to get interested. Add in some magic and a vampire, you blow my mind. As I read I kept wondering what I would do in this hellish world the author brings to life. Simple put, brilliant.
An end of days fantasy where the Bible is misleading Christians and the Messiah is a fallen angel in disguise! Humanity is caught in the cross hairs of their twisted plot. Can a sorceress, a vampire, and a fighter with an unknown power stop them?
Excellent idea for the story. For sure something I'd read!
What’s in a name? In the Last Empire, a name is the most powerful weapon you can possess.
This story will give me chills and possibly nightmares for days, what a thrill ride!
For years something has been lurking in Cape’s Side Bay. When the truth is revealed questions of mankind’s existence begin to be raised, and their worst fears are about to be realized.
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