Evan Graham

There is nothing like [The Dark Mountain] on Inkshares. There is nothing like [The Dark Mountain] anywhere. This is a once-in-a-lifetime find; an expertly crafted blend of metaphor and symbolism so rich with meaning and nuance every line deserves a second and third look. It ensnares you at the first paragraph and doesn't release you until it's ready to do so.This isn't a book. This is an experience.

[The Dark Mountain] surprised me pleasantly. If I was to run into the book on a shelf, I would give it a look before proceeding to buy it.M.R.R. Provides a style that only he can provide. It's remarkable to say the least, it's pleasant, though with a much darker underlying atmosphere that seeps through the wild imagination--as imagination is like a wild animal, it's impossible to control.I truly enjoyed the setting to the illustrations of much larger topics at hand. I highly recommend that you read every line.
S.T. Ranscht, Co-Author of ENHANCED

In a style that flows naturally through innocence and darkness, M. Robert Randolph tells a story reminiscent of Bridge to Terabithia. Children living with torments inside their homes that no one on the outside sees, they seek escape to an imaginary island, where Michael, the narrator hopes to become a superhero. Mr. Randolph's posted chapters take us into Michael's future where we discover he is an awkward high schooler who fits in no better now than he did as a kid. Perhaps even worse.Challenges that might be mental illness or abuse are suggested in symbols represented by the real and fantastical trappings of Michael's past, present, and imagination.I'm intrigued. I hope you'll help bring [The Dark Mountain] to publication so we can see how it all turns out. It's a story that might well provide encouragement and courage to children and adolescents whose lives are not as sunny as children deserve their lives to be.
Stephen Carignan
From the moment the story begins the point of view is clear the protagonist is playing in their sandbox, something which is a difficult technique that this author does with ease. Just small sample shows the reader the world within this character's mind, and the details which permeate his existence. By having this pace remain dynamic, the through line will compel readers to continue on.
Kendra Namednil
The way the words flow together, the beautiful snapshot of a young boy's mind, and the realistic way by which a mix of dread and defiance are captured is truly awe inspiring. He is obviously a very skilled writer with prose well worth the time to savor.
M. Robert excels at his own style, poignant, plentiful, poised smoothly in fluid writing while underneath lies a mystery incapable of being ignored. The sad history of the character acting as muse for daring stories of the imagination.
Mike Esty
A very interesting idea that bestows physical form to imaginary constructs and throws that all into a metaphorical story. Give it a look, it is definitely something different which may gift you with some internal understanding.
Eric H. Heisner
A fascinating look into a world where we follow the path of a young boy. I hope to read more and find out how this hero's journey deviates from traditional tales. Looks to be a fun mix of many different elements.
Erin S. Evan
Randolph has a beautiful way with words. He is able to mix childlike wonder with the harsh realities of the world in a fluid way. Reminds me of Bridge to Terabithia. Can't wait to read more!
Landon Trine
Incredible concept and a relatable tale about the human condition wrapped up in a fantastical story full of metaphor. I almost passed this one up, but I'm glad I didn't.