Zac Thompson's latest update for Weaponized

Aug 30, 2017

 Hey Everyone!

It’s been a long time without an update. I’ll do my best to make this brief as to not overwhelm.

  • Weaponized copy edit was completed a few weeks back. I spent last night approving the final designed proof. So the typesetter should be making the final changes this week.
  • This means Weaponized will be in your hands on October 31st.
  • The book is real and I’m damn proud of the final version.
  • Early praise for the book has been incredibly flattering. I’ll spare you the details but you can see one of the pull-quotes right on the front cover.
  • The cover has been redesigned and looks so damn good I can barely handle it.
  • The collected graphic novel of my comic book, The Dregs, hit stands everywhere today. You can purchase a copy here.
  • Finally, comics is where you’ll find me post-Weaponized. I can’t say much just yet but I’ve got three new comic book series hitting in 2018. Some of those books should be announced at New York Comic Con on October 5th - 8th. Attending? Hit me up on the show floor.

That’s it!

Until next time!