Deedra Climer's latest update for Wailing Wall: A Mother’s Memoir

Oct 31, 2015

Ten days until Wailing Wall is published and I am already overwhelmed with the reception. First, long-time friend Janice Person reviewed it on her blog saying such nice things, I got teary. Then, Richard Alley at The Memphis Flyer gave it a lovely review. I was floored ...and thrilled that Wailing Wall might find a place with male readers! Then, as backers of the project started receiving their copies, I started to get text messages, FaceBook posts and emails from people who read it in one sitting. It's all surreal and wonderful that the story has connected with so many people. 

Cool stuff is happening! If you are in Michigan and want to help celebrate the launch of Wailing Wall, join us at Beezy's Cafe on Nov. 13.  If you're in Memphis, the book launch will be at Bumpus Harley-Davidson of Memphis on Whitten Road. And, if you'd like to win a copy of Wailing Wall from GoodReads, what are you waiting for? Go enter!

~ Dee

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