Charlie Guo's latest update for Unscalable

Nov 13, 2015

Updates: Tech in Motion Event and Book Bonus preview!

Hey everyone! A quick update today. 

First off, Tech in Motion is hosting an event on December 3rd, and I'm going to be speaking with Jeremy Thomas (Founder of Inkshares!) and James Richards (CEO of Teleborder, and the first book chapter!). If you're interested in hearing more about what Inkshares does, why I wanted to write this book, or how Teleborder has been doing since the original interview, definitely RSVP! There will be drinks!

Event details:
When: December 3rd, 6pm
Where: Hacker Dojo (599 Fairchild Dr., Mountain View, CA)

Second, I've been putting together some bonuses for backers who purchased multiple copies. The details are still being finalized, but these are likely to include extra audio content, writeups of unscalable techniques, and potentially one-on-one Q&A sessions. Keep an eye out for the full details!

Thank you again for all your support!