Charlie Guo's latest update for Unscalable

Mar 3, 2016

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last update, but I wanted bring up something seriously important: reviews

As you probably know, I’m fairly new to all of this "being an author" stuff. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I definitely couldn’t have gotten here without all of your support. So thank you. 

However, I’m learning new things about publishing every week, and lately I’ve figured out that reviews are SUUUPER important. Like, as-big-of-a-deal-as-pre-ordering-the-book-in-the-first-place important. Because reviews are how this book gets taken to the next stage as a product. It’s how we go from being an unscalable project to a rocketship venture. It’s the difference between you owning a "valuable first edition copy of Unscalable" vs. "that paperback your friend wrote one time". 

So I really, really need you to leave a review. 

What should I write? An honest review! If you don’t think Unscalable deserves 5 stars, then don’t give it 5 stars. Be authentic! Highlight what you liked about it, and what you didn’t like. We’ve all got different tastes and what you thought was less-than-stellar might make someone else decide to give the book a try. Besides, I’m still learning and growing as a writer, so constructive criticism is always welcome. 

How many reviews do we need? As far as I can tell, the book needs just over 100 reviews on Amazon. That’s the point at which the algorithms start to kick in and make their dark magic happen. And that’s SO doable! Fewer than 1 in 5 of the 581 followers needs to leave a review to make this work. 

Sorry, I’m really busy. Maybe later? Codswallop! All in all, this should take you less than 15 minutes. Less than 10 minutes if you’re a fast typer. If you only have 60 seconds of free time, you can just leave a star rating. This project has come much, much further than I ever thought it would, and it seems like a damn shame to not go the extra mile. 

Here’s the page! I already scrolled down to the "Write a customer review" section for you. 

Thank you so much!

P.S. Need some more convincing? Check out this article in Forbes! Six Small Business Books To Enlighten Even The Savviest Entrepreneurs

P.P.S. MASSIVE shout out to S. Byrnes, Kevin, evolsb, Christian, katy, and NAOTAKE for already leaving a review.