Todd S. Wonkka's latest update for Under The Rug

Apr 22, 2019

What’s up my patient supporters. Production on Under The Rug has been slightly delayed—a project in front of mine in the queue was held up a bit. But worry not. I’ve been informed that things should be moving forward for Under The Rug by late May/early June. I’m a little bummed, sure, but I’m trusting the process, and, well, it’s kind of how the publishing world goes. I hear remodeling homes sheds a similar skin. 

Anyway, while waiting on Inkshares to get Under The Rug out ASAP, I’m not sitting on my ass. Well, I have been sitting on my ass, but I’ve been writing while sitting on my ass. The new book is called, "Counterpunch", a story about four friends: brain injured Jack, his best friend Rodney, Tommy the Asian priest/world famous stand up comedian, and Jose the gay latino mixed martial arts champion. Led by Rodney, the four friends set out to make all their childhood dreams come true, but neither of them can do it without the help of the others. It’ll make you feel happy, sad, and pleasantly appalled. Good day. 

Talk to ya’ll real soon. As always, thanks for the love.