Kevin Bragg's latest update for Transilience

Mar 4, 2016

Three days left and 176 orders to hit the light funding goal.

Three is a magic number, so I hold out hope that there are a gaggle of readers out there looking for something new to read.

If Transilience does reach 250 orders by Monday, it will confirm that I am actually living in a Disney movie. Where else could this sort of magic happen??

Although, the self-awareness of actually existing inside a film could also imply that I am the One.

The Matrix is real!


The Matrix is real?

If I am Neo, how could would it be for you to support my book?

Let me answer that: Very cool.

This is it.
The last hurrah.
The final countdown.

Order now so we can confirm my identity and a chance for me to free us all from the machines.

Spread the word!
Tell everyone before time has run out.

The Matrix is real!(?)