Kevin Bragg's latest update for Transilience

Apr 15, 2016

I feel a tad strange writing this here, but....

Transilience has been picked up by Unbound as an eBook. Unbound is a crowd-funding site like this one; however, goals are based on money raised and not number of books sold. All funding books (regardless of format) are professionally edited, designed and typset. No half-measures there.

With that said, take a look at my site. It’s pretty cool. I even have a video this time! A lot of funding options especially if you live in the London area or what a reason to go there. Yes, I believe I am a reason to travel to one of the great epicenters of modern civilization.

Here is the link:

Thanks for being an amazing community!

You can also follow me here where I plan to be, henceforth, much more active.