Kevin Bragg's latest update for Transilience

Jun 20, 2016

Through an incredible act of generosity by my in-laws, Transilience has surpassed 20% on Unbound.

I’m not setting any crowd-funding records, that’s for certain. But I believe support will increase as the percentage numbers do. I’m excited. And very optimistic.

At 25%,  I am giving away a copy of Level 99 Games’s brilliant deduction card game, Noir. It’s the Black Box edition and I’ll sign it with a gold marker pen, which might devalue the game but it’s a risk we should all be willing to take.

So please, order a copy today.

Inkshares is replete with first-time authors and it times it feels a bit like a Dickens story. We beg and we plead for support. We put our futures in the hands of others and hope for the best. And the recipient of these entreaties must shoulder through these lines of digital beggars to surf the net undisturbed.

In all of this, I wonder if the fact that a good story is the end result. That we loose sight of that fact. That one donation. One preorder. One simple transaction. One simple click of the "Order" button brings to life a story. Validates hundreds of hours of work. Reserves a copy of that effort for you, the buyer., mercy, forbearance, and benevolence, were, all, my business.

Again, here’s the link to Transilience’s Unbound campaign.

Appreciate is too small a word to describe my reaction to an order. Nevertheless, it is a word that I will shout from the rooftops and hope to do it justice.