Matthew Isaac Sobin
Transience grabbed me right from the jump. I get the sense that the hardboiled detective set-up belies what is to come. Kevin Bragg's writing is crisp, entertaining and creates wonderful pacing. There are fantastic futuristic nuggets dropped in that enrich the Martian environment - and I never once questioned their plausibility; I just nodded along thinking, yes, that makes perfect sense. I will be reading quickly, anxious to see where Transilience takes me. 
Stephen Carignan
If you thought you could go the rest of your life reading books and not read a Science Fiction Noir Mystery... you're wrong. Transilience brings something to the table which is hard to define, but necessary.                
Joseph Asphahani
How did I not notice Kevin Bragg's Transilience for this long? There are so many wonderful books hiding out in the dark corners of inkshares, and this one is among the site's most wonderful. From the very first handful of pages, it's clear that the author's sci-fi vision of this unique noir story will be enthralling. Bragg's descriptions are expertly crafted, whether it's the walls of a bar on Mars, or the woman that brings the proposition to the story's hard-boiled protagonist, the brilliant writing in Transilience immerses you completely in its narrative. I'm at this story's mercy, yet gladly along for the ride.
Peter Ryan
Space and hard-boiled detective fiction. I love it. Kevin Bragg gets right in there and gets things moving. This rocks and rolls like a freight train. Buy yourself a ticket.
Joseph Asphahani
...and Transilience sauntered to my booth in this hazy, Mars-colony dive and handed me the case that would change me, change everything... Like Noir? Like space? You'll love Transilience.
Matthew Isaac Sobin
Just start reading Transilience. It won't take long to hook you. Kevin's writing has it, and I'd very much like to receive my copy of his book.
Gary Johnson
Solid script - a new twist on Noir - well done Bragg.
Christopher Huang
Sci-Fi is really not my thing, but detective stories totally are. And I'll bet there's a bunch of you to whom both these things appeal.
Hesse Caplinger
Congratulations to Kevin Bragg, and his smart, hardboiled sci-fi noir, Transilience--the inaugural recipient of the Thriller Night Syndicate award for thrilling and suspenseful quality fiction!
Transilience reads a bit like Raymond Chandler but on Mars. If you enjoy Sci Fi or Noir, take a look!