Jason Chestnut's latest update for To Live and Die in Avalon

Jun 12, 2016

Hey, superspies!

Jason here with your weekly To Live and Die in Avalon update! 

Editing is moving forward very nicely and we are getting closer and closer to a polished second draft that will then be sent off to the next round of beta readers. I’m really happy with the way the book is shaping up and know that I’m going to be giving you the best version of the story!

We’re at less than 30 days to go, so please, pre-order if you haven’t already. We’re at 98 pre-orders and need 250! Spread the word! Buy some copies for your friends and family! 

I’d also like to take the time to promote another great book on the site that is closer to their goal than I am and really needs a big push. RF Martin’s Pixelated Obsidian Roses. It’s a Lovecraftian cosmic horror novel that features some really great prose and atmosphere. Click on the link, check it out, pre-order if you can!

That’s all for this week. I will be making a special video update for next week as there have been some major things going on in my life that have made promoting the book difficult and I’d like to explain face to face (or face to screen). 

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week!