Jason Chestnut's latest update for To Live and Die in Avalon

Jul 31, 2016



No more extensions left, it’s all or nothing!

I would love to make Quill within the next seven days and I NEED your help! If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, please do so before time runs out! If you have already pre-ordered (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU), spread the word to everyone you know and maybe consider picking up another copy (if you can). 

I have to tell you guys, throughout the revision process this book has blossomed far beyond my expectations into something I can really be proud to have my name on. Beyond the action, adventure and intrigue there are some themes about family, loss, friendship and defying expectations placed upon you because of your race, gender or background. I’ve seen my villain evolve beyond a two-dimensional, hand-wringing bad guy and my heroes struggle to find common ground with each other while they try and save humanity’s new home among the stars. 

I’ve also learned a hell of a lot about being not just a competent writer, but also an adventurous storyteller and the support from my Inkshares comrades has been a constant inspiration. 

PLEASE help me cross the finish line before the week is up! I promise you a book worth investing your time and money in and the eternal gratitude of this little, hopeful author. If anything, this entire experience has only further validated that this is what I was meant to do...tell stories. Regardless of the outcome, I will keep pressing forward and keep chasing the next story and the next and learn from every success and near-success (I prefer that term over "failure" don’t you?)

THANK YOU everyone, truly from the bottom of my heart!