Stephen Carignan
To Live and Die in Avalon immediately draws the reader in with rich detail while remaining story focused. The technology and creatures are explained as part of the action which shows great attention to the writing. This is a great update on a classic theme, and I look forward to reading more.
Thomas J. Arnold
Mr. Chestnut's first chapter succeeds in combining two genres which I've always had a (perhaps unsavory) love for - 60's spy movies and classic science fiction serials.  With imagery and characterization absolutely dripping with the sleek and sexy 60's style blended so well with action and aliens that would easily fit into a Buck Roger's adventure, To Live and Die in Avalon is such a joy to read that I can't wait for more.
Joseph Asphahani
Just stumbled upon Jason Chestnut's book and immediately, gladly, got tangled up in its web! If the amazing cover art and catchy title aren't enough to ensare your interest, consider the unique premise and atmosphere, the strong characters, the author's skill at slinging words... Everything I've found so far in To Live and Die in Avalon has been worth the time it trapped me. Can't wait to extend my stay in Chestnut's world when the final book finally arrives on my doorstep.
Billy O’Keefe
Had me at a retro-futurist pulp super-spy space opera.
Joseph Asphahani
Follow this author, this book, and you will go to some amazing places, my friends. Reminds me of Fallout-in-Space meets No One Lives Forever.
Rebekka S. Leber
You had me at Douglas Adams.
I love what I have read here thus far. It's got a retro feel that reminds me of the sci-fi I grew up watching.
Peter Ryan
This one is most definitely worth a look.
RH Webster
This amazing love child of 1960s sci-fi and a pulp-fiction spy novel even comes with a magnet of its cover art when you order a physical copy. Come on, you know you want this!
Scott Carss
I love the writing style and ideas behind this book. If only I had the money to order it...