Stephen Carignan

Christopher Lee
What a wonderfully mediocre dude this Pete is! Throw in time travel and the perfect burrito and I am completely enraptured! This is a win!
Evan Graham
Long have I searched for the perfect burrito and found my efforts fruitless. If this story is able to reveal the ultimate truths I've sought for so long, it could potentially be the greatest work conceived by man. Please, please support this magnum opus.
Avalon Marissa Radys
I had to order the Supreme because who doesn't get avocado and guac on their burrito?
Elena Stofle
I think the cover art speaks for itself. Don't ever change, Aaron.
Billy O’Keefe
G. A. Finocchiaro
An epic about a burrito? If it has guac, I'm in. Who am I kidding? The kitten already sold me...
T.L Godfrey
I didn't know I needed a story about time travel to find the perfect breakfast burrito until I found this.
Marie Green
Come on, time traveling burritos and a cat. How can you go wrong?