Jen Mann, New York Times best-selling author of People I Want to Punch in the Throat
Billy O'Keefe's hilarious book shows us that politics makes all our friends crazy. Especially our friends who don't vote the way we want them to. Now I'm mad thinking about those friends.
Jim Kopeny, Chicagoist
These Are My Friends On Politics was published before this year's election, but this adult tale in the form of a children's book speaks timeless truths. Chicago writer and cartoonist Billy O'Keefe perfectly nails the current political climate, and the arguments and situations it can drive even the closest knit group of compatriots into undertaking. Described as a children's book for adults (who occasionally behave like kids), the book may be a quick read but it's points—and its humor—will linger on long after you've finished. And don't worry about offending one political group of friends or another if you choose this as a gift this holiday season; These Are My Friends On Politics is a non-partisan look at the insanity of what passes for political discourse amongst people nowadays.
Yicheng Liu
Brilliantly illustrated book with an pitch. Politics is always an awkward topic, I like how the it pokes fun at it! Preorder this book!
Stephen Carignan
From the sample pages alone, Billy O'Keefe has taken political cartoons to a new level. By stripping the issues of all the buzzwords, the ridiculous nature of debate curated for the masses on twenty-four hours news channels is made all too apparent. None of the humor distills the underlying message of how little responsibility the internet age has taken in regards to factually debating issues. Not only should this book be required reading for everyone, but pertinent panels should be required on all new broadcasts.
S.T. Ranscht and Robert P. Beus
Obviously not science fiction regardless of the footnotes, what I've seen so far makes me want to see more. Bitingly illustrated. I imagine Billy O'Keefe is the soothing voice of reason, asking rational questions among his group of friends among his group of friends that no one can answer as their opinions boil throughout election season. We all know them. We might even BE them. But we all think we're Billy
EV Liberi
Fun illustrations! Just the thing to take the edge off a heated election year.
Billy O’Keefe
I get one chance to recommend my own work via Inkshares, so it may as well be Super Tuesday. Hope you like what you see (maybe even enough to get a future Christmas/Happy Holidays (choose one or both) gift or two for someone special.
Kelsey Rae Barthel
This book is utterly hilarious! Help it get fully funded
Brian Fitzpatrick
Can't wait to read this hilarious book! Check it out....
P.H. James
Hilarious book & less than 75 orders from full funding. Help Billy take it all the way. Purchase & recommend today!