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Boy meets World


Why, why can’t I see… am I dreaming, must be…. it hurts ... why would it hurt if it’s a dream. Wake up dammit.

When he came to, he was lying on grass. Looking at the sky he could say it was almost nightfall. WHY AM I HERE… EH WHERE AM I.

This forest....... it seems different. From the plants and trees and everything around him he could make it out that he was far from home. Home… where did I live, what’s my name. He was overwhelmed by fear, why... Why can’t I remember anything? He stood up breathing heavily as he realized there is blood all over his body. I... I should... as he started walking,a faint sound of running water reached his ears, a river maybe?

He washed off the blood from his hands, that’s when he saw the blood stains on his face. My face.....my hair why is It... It seemed like he was seeing himself for the first time. Suddenly he could hear trees being crushed and pushed aside by something. From the frightened birds and animals running away from it, he quickly made out its location. He didn’t feel the need to find out what it was.

Running along the river seemed like the most logical idea. If he were lucky there should be settlements nearby. He heard it again, that loud thump, only this time it was closer and it seemed like it, whatever it is, is closing in on him. While he was running he saw a glimpse of a small girl plucking flowers on the other side. She didn’t seemed to have noticed him. The river seems shallow, maybe I could cross it but then what??

’Mina’, the sound came from beyond trees on the other side, a tall figure emerged from behind the woods. He had long black hair and a trimmed beard. He wore long black robe and a backpack seemingly full of plants and herbs he collected from the forest.

“There is a boy ere and he seems urt” said the girl.

He knew the sight of a bloodied boy would be.... The man quickly ran to the girl and stood in front her. THEY SEEMED SCARED, WHY?

“Son are you hurt” asked the man. Despite his best efforts to converse the boy seemed inept at expressing anything. HE MUST BE IN SHOCK, realized the tall figure.

He reached out his hand towards the boy and helped him to the other side.

’It’s alright now, let’s get you back to the village, it will be dark soon’. As he walked with them he looked back and there it was, cloaked in the shadow of the forest. It seemed big, bigger than the biggest human, but he couldn’t make it out entirely as it stood covered in the shadows. Whatever it was, it was looking straight at him.