G. R. Paskoff
The stories in this collection all share a common element - they build, layer upon layer, a level of macabre creepiness, tension, and mystery that reminds me of Clive Barker. And Benjamin Gray's characters feel almost too real. Very well done.
Erin S. Evan
This anthology reminds me of one of my favorite books ever: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. I cannot wait to read this and be scared silly all over again
Joshua Griffith
Grey's anthology brings a subtle sense of foreboding that creeps up on you before you realize it as you become engrossed in his masterful tale-weaving talents. Perfect for those that love suspenseful stories such as Who Goes There. I highly recommend it
Michael Ostrowski
I’ve had the privilege of reading so many great authors on Inkshares, and now I can add Benjamin Gray to the list. I highly recommend The Wolf in the Woods. Great characters set in interesting and scary stories … you cannot go wrong with this book.
David J. Rank/Novel Bookcamp
I read Because it is Beautiful and enjoyed the building creepiness of it and its ambiguous nature. Nicely written with a polished use of language. I expect all 13 stories in this anthology will show the same professional craftsmanship.
Robert Batten
The very first short story in this wonderfully dark anthology captivated me. I can't wait to read the entire collection.
Off the Beaten Shelf
...I was hooked from the opening line of the 'Family Recipe' story. I mean, when a story opens with 'The paper had to run something, of course, but there simply wasn’t much for Beck to go on,' how can you not be immediately intrigued? And it only gets better from there. All the stories in the collection are frightening and have the level of suspense that will keep you hungry to know what's next...
Sharek Gadd
I have to recommend TWITW again! Benjamin has a way of illuminating the the objects collecting dust in corners of your mind. I read Benjamin's updates and am reminded of Hitchcock and his talent for amplifying anticipation. Buy, buy, buy Sharek
Sarah Archer Moulton
The stories in The Wolf in the Woods offer a satisfying mix of sci-fi and fantasy, of the weird and the spooky. The bite-size format is the perfect way to lose yourself in a different world, a day at a time. An engaging read!
Eduardo Luengo
As a gamer, Monitors spoke to me on a deeper level. It was an unsettling, but thoroughly enjoyable read. Even if I saw the end result coming, it still packed a punch. Definitely recommend.